Next Month - Conversations with Wells Fargo, Battle for the Inter-Cloud,. Creating Digital Hubs ... Congrats to Alten Construction and Eclipse. Electric for taking a ...
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March 30, 2012

CONNECT-THE-DOCS NUMBER #2, VOLUME 3 Rosendin - FW Spencer - Largo - ISEC - Pacific Coast Steel - Brady - California Drywall - Whiting-Turner - Air Systems Capital Glass - Buckley Plumbing - Vance Brown - Brayer Electric - Nutter Electric - LendLease - CH Reynolds - Alten

CONNECT-THE-DOCS : 2012 - Email - Death from a thousand cuts... Good Morning! To our current clients, trial users and friends--Welcome to our March Newsletter. This month we look at the 800-lb Gorilla in the Room (Email), New Clients-Projects, and What construction must learn from “Moneyball”. The drivers of our monthly newsletters and conversations will continue to be ideas and feedback from your experiences as MDS clients.

Is Email the 800lb Gorilla in the Room a major Project Risk...? The most difficult part of the issue is that the major construction software tools currently available drive the production of more e-mail. However, the impact on project collaboration of increasing loads of email has been largely ignored. The practice of “defensive construction document management” is to send (i.e. e-mail) everyone - everything. “CC-to-All” has a limited value proposition. Defensive Construction like Defensive Medicine has systemic costs - NRPA (Non Revenue Producing Activity).

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Only 30% of email with attachments are ever opened. Then, only 10% of those are opened in a timely manner (Forrester-Enabling Collaboration). We have all adapted with new strategies/filters to this blizzard of e-mails. MosaicDS has a fundamentally different approach: attack email at its source, on “the creation side.”

Wisdom an education can’t buy Dan Humphrey worked with me at Turner construction several years ago. At lunch last month we talked about how slow construction is to embrace change. He sat back and Revealed another jewel: Companies are made up of an assortment of people who are capable, competent and can overcome any obstacle. But usually their creativity, courage and innovation only show up in earnest once another company has just grabbed their lunch. “Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig.”

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Merritt College Photovoltaic System (Oakland)

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March 30, 2012

CONNECT-THE-DOCS NUMBER #2, VOLUME 3 166 Baypoint - DWNTN Mountain Apts - Kaiser San Leandro - CC San Francisco - Peralta College - Terrazo Palmera Valley Medical Center - UCB Anna Head - Red Star - Verdant Apts - Pleasanton Gateway - Havenscourt Middle

What Construction Must Learn from “MoneyBall” Let us say first, we loved MoneyBall. In watching sports, it is amazing how we all root for the the winning team...but secretly pull for the underdog. Over the last two years, unusual talent in sports has arisen seemingly out of nowhere. Some formerly obscure statisticians had prescient powers to identify diamonds in the rough, like the 2000‘s Oakland A’s and 2012‘s Jeremy Lin. What makes us so fond of these stories, is the quest for the key metric that really matters for success. After that, in the words of Dave McClure (500 StartUps) PiMP that S#&t! MosaicDS has already participated in over $1.5 Billion in construction projects ranging from Healthcare to Retail. We continue to hold fast to a contrarian view that users define the construction content story, not the distributors.

Collaboration...getting the last stakeholder on board. We know this story all to well: The firms with the largest risk and pain points begin to use new tools and services earlier. On projects their successes serve as stepping stones for the final stakeholders, until they come on board. Other construction processes such as BIM, Tekla and LEAN were in use by small firms long before they were widely adopted by the industry and coined into marketing phrases. Capital Partners/Owners/Developers/Architects and GC’s...come on! "DesignIntelligence" to Reprinted from DesignIntelligence with permission. Copyright 2012 Greenway Communications. All rights reserved.

Welcome Oakland Unified Contractors Congrats to Alten Construction and Eclipse Electric for taking a major step to improving team collaboration by leveraging Mosaic Document Solutions. This is Mosaic’s first K-12 school project proposal accepted. In our conversations in 2010 with Southern California contractors, we heard that “...the school districts are not ready for this.” Well we know that good ideas are like a good have to let them simmer a while. We look forward to supporting the fast-paced DSA projects managed by Oakland Unified School District (CM SGI).

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The Mosaic Team is happy to have your support. Next Month - Conversations with Wells Fargo, Battle for the Inter-Cloud,

Creating Digital Hubs for Small Contractors and Rethinking Paper.

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