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Connecting the Dots 2017 Annual Report

More than ever before, ASTM International is working for and with our members, customers, and partners to “Connect the Dots.”


Chairman’s Letter At the beginning of 2017, each of us was thrilled to begin new roles to help guide the mission and operations of ASTM International. Expectedly, our professional and personal contacts started to ask us more about how ASTM International works with members, customers, and partners to accomplish its goals and objectives. Due to hard work, collaboration, and strong performance in 2017, it was easy to pepper these conversations with timely examples of the organization’s leadership: ͽͽ We launched new technical committees to help meet the growing need for standards in industries such as recovered carbon black, exoskeletons, and cannabis. ͽͽ We expanded our Emerging Professionals program to help more young people participate and lead in standards development activities. ͽͽ We deepened our relationships with key organizations like the American Petroleum Institute (API), SpaceTEC Partners, and others. ͽͽ We enhanced our cutting-edge Compass platform and made it available to members. ͽͽ We gave back to our community by supporting efforts such as youth STEM education… and much more. A recurring theme emerged as the year went on: More than ever before, ASTM International is “Connecting the Dots.” We connect the dots from high-quality technical standards to new, innovative services such as proficiency testing, e-learning, and certification… We connect the dots among industry groups, governments, national standards bodies, universities, and other stakeholders that want to collaborate with us… And, we connect the dots for businesses and consumers alike who want to learn more about the performance or safety of a product. As you peruse this report, you will see the powerful impact of these growing connections. And, hopefully, you will also uncover ideas for how ASTM International could work with you or your organization to connect the dots in the years ahead.

D. Thomas Marsh 2017 Chairman of the Board President/CEO Centrotrade USA

Katharine Morgan President ASTM International

Annual Report 2017


ASTM International Connects the Dots to Support: Innovation

Global Cooperation

Consumer Safety

The Environment

The Next Generation






Products & Services

Our Communities






Board of Directors



ASTM International


In 2017, ASTM International created the below script and produced a 90-second, commercial-quality video to crystallize its mission. “Whether you go to an office, a lab, or a worksite each day… you see how technical standards support quality, safety, innovation, and trade. As your organization grows and industry evolve, standards must keep pace. ASTM International is open to anyone who wants to help create or update standards. Every voice is heard in our committees, where the world’s most respected experts develop the world’s most respected standards. The Compass platform provides constant access to the latest standards across dozens of industries…with tools to help your team collaborate and make informed decisions. We’re also here to prepare you for accreditation or certify your products. Training and e-learning show test methods in action, providing the skills and confidence to perform tests correctly. When your industry or nation needs a leader across all of these areas, we can be your partner. For standards and all your needs surrounding them, we connect the dots – in your workplace… in your career… and in your daily life. Together, we are helping our world work better.”

This script weaves throughout our 2017 accomplishments…

Watch the video now at:

Storyboards from the Connecting the Dots video were brought to life in 2017

Annual Report 2017


“…technical standards support quality, safety, innovation, and trade…” Drone-Assisted Search and Rescue The committee on search and rescue (F32) developed a standard to classify small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) for land search and rescue operations. This standard will help emergency personnel select drones based on their capabilities.

Nanotechnology Education Suite The nanotechnology committee (E56) completed six education standards to help teach undergraduate students concepts related to research, development, and manufacturing. The suite covers health and safety, characterization, pattern generation, infrastructure, and materials synthesis and processing.

New Medical Disposal Subcommittee A new subcommittee on decommissioning and disposal of medical supplies, medical equipment, and hospitals (E53.30) launched with support from the National Property Management Association. The group will focus on topics including inventory reduction, decommissioning, and valuation of medical supplies, equipment, and properties.

ASTM International

High Strength Alloy for Implants A new standard from the committee on medical and surgical materials and devices (F04) covers a high-strength alloy for cardiovascular stents as well as trauma, spinal, and face-related surgeries. Because the alloy does not contain elements such as nickel, chromium, or cobalt, it is less likely to cause metal allergy reactions.

New Smart Manufacturing Journal ASTM International published the first papers in the new online journal: Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing Systems. The journal provides a platform for researchers and practitioners to share research results, practical industry applications, and case studies in this growing field.

Improved Elbow Prostheses The committee on medical and surgical materials and devices (F04) updated its standard on elbow prostheses. The revision provides testing guidance to help evaluate safety and efficacy of total elbow replacement devices under lab conditions common for other large joints.

Nuclear Power Plant Safety A new guide, developed by the committee on protective coating and lining work for power generation facilities (D33), responds to a need to enhance safety for protective coating systems at nuclear power plants. The guide helps experts determine whether a coating system is covered by existing qualification testing or whether new testing is needed.

Aviation Worker Certification ASTM International signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SpaceTEC Partners, Inc., a leading organization in aerospace and aviation. This partnership will help certify aircraft maintenance technicians and other aerospace workers. SpaceTEC Partners started to administer National Center for Aerospace and Transportation Technologies certification, and ASTM International members began developing related standards through the committee on aerospace personnel (F46).

New Exoskeleton and Exosuits Committee Formed in October, the committee on exoskeletons and exosuits (F48) will create standards and practices for the fast-growing exoskeleton and exosuit industry. The committee supports innovative applications that help patients, industry workers, first responders, and others. It defines standards related to design and manufacturing, human factors and ergonomics, task performance and environmental considerations, and more.

Photo Courtesy of the Boeing Company


“…when your industry or nation needs a leader…” Additive Manufacturing Tour Leaders from Singapore’s additive manufacturing industry took part in a training that included visits to U.S.based companies that apply additive manufacturing in the aviation and aerospace sectors. This included Boeing’s Additive Manufacturing Lab and the GE Additive Technology Center.

Central America Road Show Reaches 400 More than 400 people attended more than a dozen events in El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Panama as part of ASTM International’s “Road Show Centro América.” The events involved education, outreach, and training on the value and use of standards. This built on ASTM International’s growing partnerships with industry, associations, governments, laboratories, universities, and others throughout the region. El Salvador: Plastic pipes, cement, and concrete were among the topics at a workshop supported by the Organismo Salvadoreño de Normalización and involving the Ministry of Public Works, the Chamber of Construction, and the Federation of Engineers. ASTM International

Costa Rica: A workshop highlighted three sectors as well as the integration of standards education into engineering curricula. Meetings included Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) partner Instituto de Normas Técnicas de Costa Rica (INTECO) as well as the Universidad de Costa Rica and the Instituto Costarricense del Cemento y del Concreto (ICCYC). Panama: Members and staff provided three presentations at the Cámara Panameña de la Construcción’s (CAPAC) exhibition and conference. Staff also met with Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) partner Dirección de Normas y Tecnologica Industrial (DGNTI) as well as Autoridad de Protección al Consumidor y Defensa de la Competencia (ACODECO), la Asociación Panameña de Productores de Concreto (APACRETO), and the Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá (UTP).

Small Plane Certification in Europe In early 2017, the European Aviation Safety Agency finished rewriting certification specifications for many types of smaller airplanes. As a result, consensus-based standards development organizations like ASTM International started to play a stronger role in determining compliance and airworthiness.

Morgan Speaks at ISO President Morgan addressed the International Organization for Standardization General Assembly where she championed the importance of global partnerships within the standards development community. Morgan also met with more than a dozen standards bodies from around the world.


Asia Road Show Successful

MOU Program Grows to 106 In 2017, ASTM International’s Memorandum of Understanding program continued to grow with new MOUs signed with national standards bodies of Armenia, Côte d’Ivoire, Laos, Senegal, and Ukraine. An additional MOU was signed with the Eurasian Council on Standardization, Metrology and Certification, which represents standards bodies in 12 nations, bringing the total number of MOUs to 106. The program supports use of ASTM International standards while also encouraging global participation in the continued development of new and revised standards.

European Roadshow Builds Relationships In late 2017 President Morgan and staff attended major events and high-profile meetings throughout Europe including: Belgium: CEN-CENELEC Management Centre, European Commission (JRC, GROWTH, DG Trade) Germany: Fraunhofer Institute, Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN)

About 250 people attended workshops and meetings in Seoul and Shanghai during ASTM International’s Asia Road Show. Events focused on the growing demand for laboratory and certification services in the region. Attendees also received insights and tools related to membership. Staff made dozens of visits to domestic and multinational labs, companies, and other organizations including: China: Fireman’s Shield, BP, SINOPEC Korea: FITI Testing and Research Institute, Intertek, Bureau Veritas

The Netherlands: The Netherlands Standardizations Institute (NEN) Also, at a major petroleum conference in Belgium (PEFTEC) President Morgan unveiled the “Connecting the Dots” video to 250 attendees.

Annual Report 2017


“…in your workplace…in your career…and in your daily life…” New Bed Rails Specification

Parasailing Safety Standard Updated

A new specification from the consumer products committee (F15) established performance requirements for adult portable bed rails and related accessories. The standard addresses design issues such as openings and attachments to beds in an effort to reduce the possibility of entrapment, strangulation, and injury.

The committee on amusement rides and devices (F24) updated its standard on parasailing to enhance safety. The standard provides guidelines and procedures for the operation, maintenance, and inspection of parasail vessels, equipment, and associated activities.

CPSC Accepts Revised Toy Standard The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission incorporated by reference the revision of the worldrenowned toy safety standard (F963). Manufacturers, importers, and retailers use the standard to design and sell products that comply with laws such as the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Act and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

ASTM International

New Fire-Fighting Material The committee on halogenated organic solvents and fire extinguishing agents (D26) developed a new standard to help ensure quality of a new firefighting agent used in fire extinguishers on airplanes and elsewhere.

Snow-Skiing Standards Group Expands The committee on snow skiing expanded its scope to include water skiing, wakeboarding, and inflatables. The committee is now known as snow and water sports (F27).

Furniture Safety Label Updated The committee on consumer products (F15) updated the furniture safety standard to help prevent tipovers. The revision included an updated consumer warning label with a new hazard symbol showing the danger of a child climbing dresser drawers and a section that determines the permanence of the label.

Suite of Plastics Standards Completed The committee on plastics (D20) completed a suite of technical documents that aims to limit potentially harmful phthalates found in a wide range of consumer products. The suite of standards helps manufacturers (and testing labs) ensure that products meet regulatory restrictions on phthalates.

New and Revised Sports Equipment Standards The committee on sports equipment, playing surfaces, and facilities (F08) approved a variety of new standards covering topics such as: synthetic turf, treestands, elastic sport surfaces, and more. Also in 2017, the committee approved major revisions to standards that cover: bicycle wheels, and baseball and softball bats.


New Cannabis Committee Formed in April, the committee on cannabis (D37) will create standards for the cannabis industry. It aims to define core competencies for cannabis safety along with standards related to indoor and outdoor horticulture and agriculture, quality management systems, processing and handling, security and transportation, and more.

Annual Report 2017


“…together, we are helping our world work better…” Boosting Sustainable Construction

Tracking Sustainable Manufacturing Processes

A new standard from the concrete and concrete aggregates committee (C09) helps manufacturing plants better recycle returned fresh concrete, supporting sustainable construction practices. The new standard will help lower the environmental impacts of construction.

A new guide from the sustainability committee (E60) will help companies set realistic operational objectives for reducing the environmental impact of their own manufacturing processes. The standard uses key performance indicators to measure how well an objective for self-improvement is being met.

Increasing Energy Efficiency of Roofs The committee on roofing and waterproofing (D08) introduced a new test method that aims to prevent air leakage in and around roofs, helping improve energy efficiency, reduce moisture problems, and prevent pollutants from entering buildings.

Installing Green Roofs A new guide from the committee on roofing and waterproofing (D08) helps professionals design and install membranes for “green roofs” which support sustainability. In particular, the guide helps ensure good water management systems.

ASTM International

Environmental Remediation The committee on soil and rock (D18) developed a standard that helps test organophilic clay, a product increasingly used to help remove oil and other materials in environmental remediation projects.


New Recovered Carbon Black Committee Formed in January 2017, the committee on recovered carbon black (rCB) (D36) is developing standards to support recycling of scrap tires and other scrap-rubber components. The group will also create standards related to sustainability and material characterization.

Annual Report 2017


“…in your workplace, in your career, and in your daily life…”

Emerging Professionals 29 young people benefited from the Emerging Professionals program in 2017. They received financial support from ASTM International to attend committee meetings where they received one-on-one mentoring and a comprehensive introduction to standards development. The participants represented 20 committees.

ASTM International


Investment in Tomorrow’s Leaders ASTM International has 5,000 student members and offers several scholarships and grant opportunities each year. In 2017, four $10,000 scholarships were awarded to deserving students for their graduate studies.

Patrick McDavid is a Ph.D. candidate studying distribution packaging, field analysis, and lab simulation at Michigan State University. He is a member of the packaging committee (D10).

Kien Nguyen is a Ph.D. candidate studying how to protect steel structures from corrosion at the University of Kansas. He is a student member with ties to ASTM International’s committee on fatigue and fracture (E08).

Rakish Shrestha is a Ph.D. candidate studying mechanical engineering and materials engineering at Auburn University. He is a student member with interests in additive manufacturing related to the committees on fatigue and fracture (E08) and medical and surgical materials and devices (F04).

Aref Yodallahi is a Ph.D. candidate studying experimental and numerical investigations on fatigue and fracture behavior of additively manufactured materials at Mississippi State University. He is a student member with an active role in the committee on fatigue and fracture (E08).

Annual Report 2017

“…the Compass platform provides constant access to the latest standards…” Compass The flagship ASTM Compass® product is a subscription-based platform that helps manage change and increase staff productivity. It provides access to the most up-to-date ASTM International standards and research as well as other publishers’ content. In 2017, Book of Standards subscriptions moved to Compass. As a result, both members and customers who bought online volumes began to have 24/7 access to the latest standards as well as the ability to make notes and compare current and past versions. Also, page redesigns enhanced viewing of single standards while also providing quicker access to workflow and navigation tools. Compass subscribers began receiving options to add subscription content from the American Petroleum Institute, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, and AATCC. And, through an authentication tool (Active Directory Federation Services) Compass users could use a single sign-on with their company’s internal usernames and passwords.


“…tools to help your team collaborate…” SpecBuilder

Custom Subscription Platforms

After years of testing, a new tool launched that helps users create groups, upload documents (drafts, ballots, etc.), provide comments, vote, and more. This tool, SpecBuilder, can help create standards as well as internal specifications, codes, regulations, and more.

ASTM International began offering customized versions of its Compass information delivery platform to other organizations. Developed by ASTM International’s technology experts, organizations can now provide content (standards, technical documents, etc.) via Compass to their members, customers, original equipment manufacturers, and others.

The American Petroleum Institute became the first organization to do so with API Compass, providing their members and customers with organization-wide access to PDF and HTML versions of API standards as well as Compass workflow tools. (API is a trade association with over 600 organizational members who often serve on both ASTM International and API committees.)

Understanding Customer Needs A “voice of the customer” outreach initiative launched in 2017 with two surveys and two Product Advisory Councils (PACs). With one PAC from industry and one from academia, ASTM International staff discussed current and future products and services while also gaining valuable feedback on recent initiatives. Key topics included: enhancing the Compass platform, SpecBuilder, custom subscriptions, and company webstores.

Annual Report 2017

“We’re here to prepare you for accreditation” Proficiency Testing Programs Over 50 proficiency testing programs helped laboratories evaluate, improve, and document their performance in conducting test methods (in areas like petroleum, plastics, and mechanical testing) when compared with other labs. More than 5,000 participants worldwide are involved in these statistical quality assurance programs that help labs meet accreditation requirements. Notably, ASTM International received ISO 17043 accreditation for half of its proficiency testing programs in 2017.

Company Webstores Company webstores launched in 2017, providing organizations with their own public e-commerce site featuring only the content they choose to deliver (e.g., single document downloads, selfserve subscriptions). Our technology team started developing and designing these custom-build solutions based on customer needs to maintain full control of their proprietary data.

XML In October, the U.S. National Information Standards Organization published a Standards Tag Suite (ANSI/NISO Z39.102-2017) that provided a common format to preserve intellectual content of standards independent of the form in which it was originally delivered. ASTM International provided technical expertise, financial support, and business requirements for this effort and began incorporating the standard into its digital publishing workflow, including for third party content.

ASTM International

Symposia & Workshops Expand 30 symposia and workshops took place in 2017, with events supporting new committees such as cannabis as well as established committees that had not held events in years. Topics included additive manufacturing, air quality, building and construction, the nuclear industry, sustainability, and more.    Five Scientific and Technical Publications were published in 2017, resulting from symposia on: concrete pipe and box culverts, bearing steel technologies, performance of building envelopes, chemical emissions from spray polyurethane foam insulation, and fatigue and fracture for data acquisitions and analysis.


“…training and e-learning show test methods in action, providing the skills and confidence to perform tests correctly…” E-Learning With support from experts who develop its standards, ASTM International surpassed 250 e-learning courses offered to help workforces understand and adhere to those same standards. Companies can track the progress of employees who use the self-guided format to stay up-to-date on standards in areas such as petroleum, construction, the environment, mechanical testing, and metals. ASTM International also offered seminar courses (live and recorded) in areas such as statistics, property condition assessments, aviation fuel, corrosion, light sport aircraft, and gasoline.

Journals ASTM International published five active journals, including the new Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing Systems: Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing Systems Launched April 2017

Journal of Testing and Evaluation

Geotechnical Testing Journal

Materials Performance and Characterization

Advances in Civil Engineering Materials

Annual Report 2017


“…For standards and all your needs surrounding them, we connect the dots…”

SEI Continues Growth

CCRL Footprint Remains Strong

The Safety Equipment Institute (SEI), an ASTM affiliate, operates an independent certification program that tests and certifies thousands of safety and protective products – from firefighter and baseball helmets to worker’s boots and police gear. SEI works with independent laboratories and quality auditors to administer certification programs for manufacturers seeking to be certified to product performance standards. These standards address performance requirements needed for products used recreationally by consumers, by fire and emergency services personnel, general industry workers, and law enforcement officers.

The Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory program continued to improve construction-materials testing through lab assessments, proficiency samples, instruction, guidance, and clarification of standards.

In 2017, the list of SEI certified products continued to grow with the addition of new standards for recreational products and in law enforcement. In addition, the USDA BioPreferred Certification Program administered by SEI, certified nearly 600 products, added more than 180 companies, and received over 600 new applications. The program has now certified 3,200 products.

ASTM International

CCRL’s Laboratory Inspection Program provided evidence of a lab’s ability to perform test methods. This involved about 1,500 labs in concrete, concrete aggregates, steel reinforcing bars, cement, pozzolan, slag cement, and masonry products. CCRL’s Proficiency Sample Program helped labs compare their results with others by testing samples of the same material. In 2017, this program shipped over 21,000 boxes (451 tons) to 1,700 laboratories worldwide.

Test Monitoring Center Approves Replacement Test Methods In 2017, the Test Monitoring Center and the subcommittee on automotive lubricants (D02.B) worked to approve two replacement test methods for the proposed GF-6 engine oil specification. The center provides worldwide calibration services for more than 45 test methods that evaluate automotive lubricants. Reference oil distribution, test stand calibration, and laboratory visits form the core of the center’s mission under D02.B.


“…together, we are helping our world work better…” Staff-Driven Philanthropy

Franklin Institute Sponsorship ASTM International sponsored the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, focusing its support on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs for students. As a part

Riverbend Environmental Education Center Sponsorship ASTM International continued its financial support for Riverbend Environmental Education Center – located near its global headquarters – by sponsoring field trips for Bridgeport, Conshohocken, and Whitehall elementary schools. ASTM International also sponsors Nature Club, a six-week afterschool educational program for Conshohocken Elementary School.

of the sponsorship, ASTM International provided passes to the Philadelphia chapter of the Big Brothers, Big Sisters nonprofit organization.

Hurricane Relief ASTM International donated $25,000 to AmeriCares for hurricane relief efforts. Also, the board of directors, their spouses, and senior staff took time during their meeting in Houston to volunteer at the Houston Food Bank. They helped package and sort supplies for those struggling to rebuild their lives after Hurricane Harvey.

ASTM International supported many staffdriven efforts in 2017 to raise funds for organizations in its vicinities including Relay for Life, For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation, Bringing Hope Home, and more.

Jaws of Life and Wet Suit Donation As part of its continued support for the George Clay Fire Company, which serves the ASTM International global headquarters facility and staff, ASTM International supported the purchase of a new battery– powered Jaws of Life, wetsuits, and new boots and gloves for the crew.

ASTM International staff also collected goods and supplies that were sent to victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Annual Report 2017


2017 Award of Merit Winners The prestigious Award of Merit, which includes the accompanying title of fellow, is ASTM’s highest recognition for individual contributions to developing standards.

Jeanne M. Asquith Soil & Rock (D18)

Marcelo M. Hirschler Fire Standards (E05)

Jimmy M. Rasco Electrical Insulating Liquids and Gases (D27)

Lewis C. Barbe Occupational Health and Safety (E34)

Frank B. Holt Vehicle – Pavement Systems (E17)

Carl Q. Rousseau Composite Materials (D30)

Willis J. Brayman Thermal Insulation (C16)

Mark A. James Fatigue and Fracture (E08)

Michael J. Brisson Air Quality (D22)

Tim Kersey Roofing and Waterproofing (D08)

Syed A. Sattar Pesticides, Antimicrobials, and Alternative Control Agents (E35)

Michael A. Clark Accreditation & Certification (E36)

William C. Lipps Water (D19)

Steve Constantinides Magnetic Properties (A06)

Richard L. Martin Protective Coating and Lining Work for Power Generation Facilities (D33)

Jeffrey L. Erdly Performance of Buildings (E06) Susan J. Evans Packaging (D10) Robin E. Graves Concrete and Concrete Aggregates (C09) Hani Haider Medical and Surgical Materials and Devices (F04)

ASTM International

James H. Michel Copper and Copper Alloys (B05) Richard J. Peppin Building and Environmental Acoustics (E33) Andy L. Pickard Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels, and Lubricants (D02)

C. Joel Sprague Geosynthetics (D35) Bruno A. Vrebos Declarable Substances in Materials (F40) William R. Weissman Environmental Assessment, Risk Management and Corrective Action (E50) A. Rhett Whitlock Manufactured Masonry Units (C15) David W. Woods Plastic Piping Systems (F17)


W.T. Cavanaugh Memorial Award

James A. Thomas President’s Leadership Award

This prestigious award is given in honor of ASTM International’s CEO, who served from 1970 to 1985.

This award recognizes individuals early in their ASTM International career who have advanced the organization’s mission through extraordinary accomplishment, example, and vision.

Dr. Kaphong Choi, professor in the Graduate School of Management of Technology at Sungkyunkwan University, was honored for his outstanding contributions to the knowledge and promotion of voluntary standards on a global scale, and for extraordinary leadership in the fields of standardization and conformity assessment. A member since 2011, Dr. Choi previously served as president of the Korea Testing Certification (KTC) and the Korean Standards Association (KSA), and administrator of Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS), among other leadership roles in industry and government.

The award is given in honor of James A. Thomas, who served as ASTM International president from 1992 to early 2017.

Professor of the Year The ASTM International Professor of the Year Award recognizes and rewards the contributions of educators in developing student’s understanding of standards. Feraidon Ataie, Ph.D., assistant professor of engineering, California State University-Chico, USA.

Bhyrav Mutnuri (left), engineer at Bedford Reinforced Plastics Inc. in Bedford, Pennsylvania, USA, and member of the committee on plastics (D20). Ian P. Mylrea (right), research and development manager with StanhopeSeta, in Surry, United Kingdom, and member of the committee on petroleum products, liquid fuels, and lubricants (D02).

Annual Report 2017


Financials Below is a summary of ASTM International’s 2017 Financial Results. Please contact the Corporate Communications department if you are interested in the full audit report from Grant Thornton LLP. Consolidated Statements of Financial Position December 31, 2017 and 2016 ASSETS


Cash and cash equivalents


Accounts receivable, less allowance for doubtful accounts of $125,000 in 2017 and 2016

2016 12,317,636



Interest receivable Royalties receivable

1,664,615 8,849,701







Investments General investment fund Committee funds








Property and equipment, net




Prepaid pension asset





Other assets Total assets







LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Accounts payable and accrued liabilities



Deferred income


Pension liability



Postretirement benefit liability



Other liabilities Total liabilities






Net assets Unrestricted Undesignated Designated - general







Temporarily restricted



Total net assets



Total liabilities and net assets

ASTM International





Consolidated Statements of Activities

Years ended December 31, 2017 and 2016



Changes in unrestricted net assets Operating revenues Publication sales


Laboratory services






Interest and dividends



Members’ administrative fees



Technical and professional training and symposia workshops











Net assets released from restrictions Total operating revenues





Operating expenses Society office



Cost of publications



Building occupancy






Laboratory services



Technical and professional training and symposia workshops



Awards, contracts and other expenses



Total operating expenses



Excess of operating revenues over operating expenses



Other revenues and expenses Board meeting - outside headquarters expense



Legal, copyright and strategy



Net realized gains on sale of investments


Inherent contribution








Total other revenues and expenses



Increase in unrestricted net assets



Net unrealized appreciation in fair value of investments Pension and postretirement benefit changes

Changes in temporarily restricted net assets Research income





Interest and dividends



Net realized gains on sale of investments




Net unrealized (depreciation) appreciation in fair value of investments



1,849,436 Net assets released from restrictions



Decrease in temporarily restricted net assets




Changes in net assets



Net assets at beginning of year



Net assets at end of year






2017 Board of Directors Chairman D. Thomas Marsh President/CEO, Centrotrade USA Vice Chairmen Dale F. Bohn Product Quality Manager, Flint Hills Resources, LP Taco van der Maten Marketing Manager, Malvern PANalytical Chairman, Finance & Audit Committee Andrew G. Kireta Jr. Vice President, Market Development, Copper Development Association Directors 2015-2017 Lawrence D. Carbary Industry Scientist on the Façade Engineering and Architectural Design Team, High Performance Building Solutions, Dow Corning Corp.

James J. Simnick Senior Technical Adviser, Global Fuels Technology, BP America Inc. Brent Stucker Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, 3DSIM LLC Directors 2016-2018 Ferdinando E. Aspesi Senior Partner, Bridge Associates International LLC Cesar A. Constantino Director of Business Development, Separation Technologies LLC, a Titan America business R. James Galipeau Director, Intertek PTL Deryck M.S. Omar CEO, CARICOM Regional Organization for Standards and Quality (CROSQ)

John R. Logar Senior Director, Aseptic Processing and Terminal Sterilization, Johnson & Johnson Sterility Assurance

James A. Tann Director of Technical Services, Belden Brick Co.

Christina A. Lomasney President, CEO and Co-founder, Modumetal

Vicky J. Taylor Senior Research Technologist, Research and Development Center, INVISTA (Canada)

Jun Sasaki General manager of Instrumentation and Control R&D Laboratory, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp.

ASTM International

Directors 2017-2019 Joannie Chin Materials Scientist and Deputy Director of the Engineering Laboratory, U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Oliver S. Delery Jr. Vice President of Technical Marketing North America, Forterra Pipe and Precast John Fletcher Standards Compliance Manager, Elcometer Limited Irving S. Scher Principal and Biomechanical Engineer, Guidance Engineering and Applied Research Arman Shakkaliyev Director of the Department for Technical Regulation and Accreditation, Eurasian Economic Commission Jeff Weiss Partner in the International Trade Group, Venable LLP Past Chairmen Ralph M. Paroli Director of R&D, Measurement Science and Standards, National Research Council of Canada Ronald J. Ebelhar Senior Principal, Terracon President Katharine E. Morgan


2017 Snapshot 208

New Standards

34,000+ Members Worldwide


Revised Standards


Technical Subcommittees

12,700+ Active Standards


Technical Committees

ASTM International Headquarters 100 Barr Harbor Drive P.O. Box C700 West Conshohocken, PA 19428-2959 USA tel +1.610.832.9500 Washington, D.C., USA Jeffrey Grove tel + [email protected] Beijing, China HU Yanan (Nancy) tel +86.10.5109.6033 [email protected] Brussels, Belgium Sara Gobbi tel +32 (0).28.939.724 [email protected]

Communications ASTM International’s communications vehicles – Standardization News in print and online, social media, eNews, and video – reached thousands of members, customers, and others. Platform growth from 2016 to 2017: LinkedIn


to 16,000 followers



to 21,000 followers


Lima, Peru Maria Isabel Barrios tel + [email protected] Ottawa, Canada Diane C. Thompson tel +613.751.3409 [email protected]


to 11,000 followers

For the first time, ASTM International reached over 1 million impressions on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in 2017.

Annual Report 2017

Committed to serving global societal needs, ASTM International positively impacts public health and safety, consumer confidence, and overall quality of life. We integrate consensus standards – developed with our international membership of volunteer technical experts – and innovative services to improve lives… Helping our world work better.