This is an Amendment to the Contract between the Florida Department of Corrections .... The Contractor shall not dispute or refuse acceptance of any inmate ..... Department's Office of Information Technology; however, the Contractor will be ...... Standards Institute and is consistent with guidance issued by the Secretary of ...
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CONTRACT #C2757 AMENDMENT #1 CONTRACT AMENDMENT BETWEEN THE FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS AND CORIZON, INC. This is an Amendment to the Contract between the Florida Department of Corrections (“Department”) and Corizon, Inc. (“Contractor”) to provide Comprehensive Healthcare Services to the Department’s inmates in Regions I, II, and the following institutions in Region III: Avon Park CI, Central Florida Reception Center (CFRC), Hernando CI, Lake CI, Polk CI, Sumter CI, and Zephyrhills CI, and their assigned satellite facilities, including annexes, work camps, road prisons and work release centers. This Amendment: • • • •

Revises Section entitled “WITNESSETH”, third paragraph; Revises Section I., A., Contract Term; Revises Section II., B., 19., Off-Site Transportation; and Revises Section III. A., 2., CPI Adjustments. Original contract period:

October 1, 2012 through September 30, 2017

In accordance with Section V., CONTRACT MODIFICATION; the following changes are hereby made: 1. Section entitled “WITNESSETH”, third paragraph, is hereby revised to read: Whereas, this Contract is entered into pursuant to RFP# 11-DC-8324, authorized pursuant to Section 287.057 (1)(b), Florida Statutes, and funded in Line Item 784, General Appropriations Act 2012, and Line Item 707, General Appropriations Act, 2013; and Whereas, this Contract was the subject of a Petition for Quo Warranto in the case of Florida Public Employees Council 79, et. al. vs. Kenneth S. Tucker, in his capacity as Secretary of the Florida Department of Corrections, et. al., 2nd Circuit Court, Leon County Florida, Case No. 2012-CA-3119, from the date of September 27, 2012 until resolved by an appellate decision on June 5, 2013, which included an injunction between December 4, 2012 and June 5, 2013, and for the duration of that time frame the parties mutually ceased performance of the Contract; and 2. Section I., A., Contract Term, is hereby revised to read: I.


Contract Term This Contract shall begin on October 1, 2012, or the date on which it is signed by both parties, whichever is later, and shall end at midnight on June 30, 2018. In the event this Contract is signed by the parties on different dates, the latter date shall control. This Contract is in its initial term.

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CONTRACT #C2757 AMENDMENT #1 3. Section II. B., 19., Off-Site Transportation, is hereby revised to read: II.


19. Off-Site Transportation To keep security staff overtime to a minimum for health care related transports, the Contractor is required to establish off-site services as conveniently located to the institutions as possible. Some off-site specialty visits are unavoidable and not controllable by the Contractor. Except for radiotherapy services, the Contractor shall be required to pay the sum of $250.00 per inmate per round trip over 50 miles for every trip made. However, for the first thirty (30) days of service at each facility, the Department will waive the $250.00 charge for those specialty consults or surgeries scheduled by the Department prior to the transition date and deemed medically necessary by the Department’s Utilization Management staff. Mileage shall be calculated door-to-door from institution to the appointment site and back to the institution, taking the most direct route using an acceptable mapping application. Inmate transfers/movements and/or referrals between institutions for security and/or health related needs directed by the Department are not applicable to this issue. In addition, the institutions must have access to 24/7 on call availability of physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, dentist, and health care administrator services. The on-call coverage shall be made available by the service contractor responsible for on-site services. When inmates experiencing emergent or urgent health problems are brought to the attention of institution personnel, health care personnel must be prepared to address them immediately. This response may consi