Coordination & Planning - Office of Sustainability

Key Global recognition program for hotels. 2014 Recognized as one of. Canada's Greenest Employers for seventh year in a row. 2014. Emerald Award winnerfor ...
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Coordination & Planning

December 2014

Selected Activities and Accomplishments Related to Campus Sustainability Policies Timeline


Board of Governors endorsed Sustainability Commitment and Guiding Principles


Office of Sustainability established as

the hub of the campus sustainability initiative


First University Sustainability Officer appointed


Who’s Who Office of Sustainability • Promotes, unites and celebrates the university’s efforts to create a campus-wide network that works together to advance sustainability performance.

Works collaboratively with over 100 partners and sponsors every year to deliver diverse, quality programming.

Committee and Working Groups • Office of Sustainability Academic Advisory Committee • Sustainability Advisory Committee • Facilities & Operations Sustainability Committee • Waste Diversion Working Group • Sustainable Purchasing Working Group

The first Sustainability Plan adopted. Accomplishments

2012 STARS® Silver rating 2012 Deliberation on Campus

Sustainability recognized with a Case Study Award by AASHE

2014 Recognized as one of

+ 100+ responsible parties help assess the university’s sustainability performance for each STARS® submission. Plans & Policies Comprehensive Institutional Plan (CIP) gives consideration to

Emerald Award winner for the Office of

social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainability. Primary chapters include: institutional accountability statement, environmental scan; the academy, capital plan, institutional budget and a chapter on resource and risk implications.

2014 STARS® Gold rating

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Plan commits to reducing

Canada’s Greenest Employers for seventh year in a row


Sustainability’s Waste in Residences Programs.

Currently second highest rating out of all participating institutions in Canada


Lister Conference Centre & Guest Suites receives 4 Green Keys under the Green Key Global recognition program for hotels.

South Campus is planned as

an exemplary Smart Growth and Sustainable Development • 7 Sustainability Pillars underpin all sector planning decisions • Design Guidelines support best practices for siting, design, place making and financial balance

BOMA BESt green building

certification is being sought for every major building on campus.

greenhouse gas emissions 17% by 2020 (below 2005 baseline levels)

Long Range Development Plan for campus seeks to embody

and balance social, ecological and economic sustainability in every aspect of campus design and function.

LEED Silver Certification

or higher is pursued for all new buildings receiving government funding.

Goal 13: Coordination & Planning

Demonstrate leadership by ensuring sustainability is recognized and considered in strategic planning and decision-making.

Status Strategy A. Update and renew the University of Alberta’s Sustainability Commitment and Guiding Principles. B. Maintain existing sustainability committees through the Office of Sustainability (Academic Advisory Committee, Sustainability Advisory Committee, and Facilities and Operations Committees representation from students, faculty and staff), Augustana Campus (Green Campus Committee) and Campus Saint-Jean (Le développement durable au Campus Saint-Jean). C. Develop place-based sustainability plans for Augustana Campus and Campus Saint-Jean. D. Honour the university’s existing commitment to sustainability by advancing our overall standing in the Sustainability Endowments Institute’s College Sustainability Report Card and the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education ‘Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System`. E. Cross-reference, review, and update the Comprehensive Institutional Plan and other plans to ensure existing and new sustainability commitments are integrated accordingly. F. Proceed with coupling renewal and backfill projects to provide a sustainable, best-value model that meets future operational and academic needs at a reduced capital cost. G. Continue to review and respond to industry standards promoting strong urban design and sustainability principles and deliver base infrastructure at South Campus with sustainability at the forefront. Achieved

On Track

On Hold/At Risk

Not Started/Dropped

New Projects • Operations & Maintenance are updating our building design standards to better recognize sustainability elements. Notes