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Jun 27, 2018 - in Gorton?' and Geography looked at ways to create a cleaner Manchester. Art looked at Manchester born artist Chris Ofili and their lesson was ...
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Issue 33   - June 18 

Message from Mr Mellen

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It has been quieter in school this week without Year 11 around and it will be quieter still next week as Year 10 go out on work experience. This is a great opportunity for students to get an idea of life in the workplace and helps with decision making about what kind of career you might want in the future. Sometimes you will love your placement and decide that is what you want to do for the rest of your life, and sometimes it will be less enjoyable and perhaps rule out that job as part of your future. Either way, you are representing Cedar Mount in that placement, so be polite, hardworking and willing to learn. Make us proud. We also have students out on residential next week as part of our partnership with The Peace Foundation, learning about conflict resolution and gaining new skills. We had a fantastic letter from Old Hall Drive, thanking our brilliant sports leaders for their help in running sports days last week. It described our students as ' a credit to themselves and to Cedar Mount' and said that they 'conducted themselves magnificently'. I am very proud to hear such welldeserved praise for our students leaders - well done all of you! It was great last night to see lots of families from both Cedar and Rushbrook joining us for our Eid celebration and cricket matches. Well done to all the staff involved, although we won't mention the staff v student/parents cricket result...Next week is the last week for qualifying for the attendance reward trips so be in school on time and stay out of trouble! We will also be having an emphasis on behaviour and uniform over the next 2 weeks so please be prepared for that. Have a great weekend, enjoy the sunshine and hopefully another England win at the World Cup! 

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Manchester Week 2018 Manchester Week has been successful again this year. Amanda McCrann has returned to make more mosaics with us – this time a “This Is The Place” one. Argh Kid (David Scott) came in to write poems about Manchester with our Y8 students. Congratulations to Ebenezer, Amira and Dara for writing the best ones. Allie Johns, a Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing at MMU, helped students create a ‘What’s On?’ campaign, focussing on Manchester’s best bits. Iain Brassington, Senior Lecturer from the School of Law at MU, taught on the theme of how the law should act to increase the supply of organs for donation. Matt Ingham Classics and Ancient History department at MU, taught about Agricola and the foundation of Mamucium. Natalie Leech from the School of Mechanical, Aerospace & Civil Engineering at MU, delivered a session called ‘On the Line’ where the students made a zip line that carried a container of Lego pieces down a fishing wire zip-line. Manchester related lessons were delivered in KS3 across departments too. Performing Arts delivered a session on ‘Dance Opportunities in Manchester’, where an ex-student of Miss Harris’ who now owns her own dance school and has danced with Diversity showed the students what they can do in their local area and how they can gain a career in dance. The MFL department looked at the different languages spoken in Manchester and English delivered sessions on Mike Garry’s poem ‘The Thread That Weaves’. Citizenship looked at Emmeline Pankhurst and the Suffragettes while RS delivered a lesson called ‘This is the place’ which looked at the reasons for the Manchester Arena attack, any connections with religion, and how the city responding. Maths looked at a codebreaking lesson which was inspired by Alan Turing. Science worked on construction their own Beetham Tower while in ICT they looked at the inventions of technology in Manchester as well as cipher coding. History students answered the question, ‘Why were Lions and Elephants in Gorton?’ and Geography looked at ways to create a cleaner Manchester. Art looked at Manchester born artist Chris Ofili and their lesson was on the theme ‘Manchester to