Copyright rules and teaching at SDU - Brief guide

No changes may be made in the scanned text. The files may ... You may copy from any printed text, and from ... Internet and books for illustrating your lectures.
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Copyright rules and teaching at SDU - Brief guide

Photocopies and prints

Scanned materials

You may copy from any printed text, and from webpages.

You may scan 20 %, but no more than 20 pages per publication per semester. Materials which have digital access may not be scanned. No changes may be made in the scanned text. The files may not be sent by mail, but must be placed on Printouts from subscription databases may not be scanned. Newspapers and daily papers may not be scanned.

You can copy or print: If the work is: Up to 1 year: 10 % but not more than 25 pages. Between 1-5 years: 15 % but not more than 40 pages. More than 5 years: 20 % but not more than 75 pages. Don’t forget to refer to your sources by: Title, author, publisher.

Internet Internet pages are subject to copyright laws like other materials. You may not link to illegal material. Copying whole webpages to is not permitted. Youtube videos: Videos which has been placed legally on Youtube can be embedded in

Radio and TV

If you wish to use radio or TV programmes in your courses, there is a large selection available via You are allowed to copy and store radio and TV programmes from a large number of channels, and to place the copied programmes on You are NOT allowed to copy motion pictures which have been shown on TV, but which were produced for the cinema. For more information on which channels you can use, please see

Movies If you wish to use motion pictures for your courses, there are various possibilities for finding them. If the picture has been shown on TV, there is a good chance of finding it through Please note that is only for use in teaching and research. For more information on using motion pictures in your courses, please see

Commercials You can find many commercials for use in teaching and research in Mediestream has cinema commercials from 1954-1995 and TV2 commercials from 1988-2005. New commercials will be added continuously.

Electronic journals and ebooks

You have access to about 87.000 electronic journals and more than 227.000 ebooks for use in courses. Many of them can be used in PDF-format at, but the packs are subject to various licensing rules. There is more information at If you are in doubt, please contact the library: [email protected] or [email protected]; or call 6550 4411.


SDU has an agreement with Copy-Dan BilledKunst, which means that you can use pictures from the Internet and books for illustrating your lectures and courses at the University, as well as for papers. There is more information on using pictures at As an employee or student at SDU you have access to various image archives, ex. Colourbox, which provides free access to a lot of pictures, videos and illustrations: The materials can be used freely for marketing, teaching and papers or articles. If you want access to Colourbox, please send a mail to [email protected] and ask for an invitation. Remember to cite your sources for the illustrations.

Music SDU does NOT have an agreement for using music in class sessions, so if you want to do this, you must have permission from the copyright holder. Using recorded music in public requires an agreement with KODA. KODA administers the copyright of music companies, and you can make an agreement and pay for the use of recordings through them. Visit for more information.

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