Course Catalogue 2016-2017

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Course Catalogue Academic year 2016/2017


Faculties and Departments Faculty of Geotechnical Sciences and Environmental Management Department of Agricultural Sciences, Biotechnology and Food Science Department of Environmental Science and Technology Faculty of Management and Economics Department of Hotel and Tourism Management Department of Commerce, Finance and Shipping Faculty of Communication and Media Studies Department of Communication and Internet Studies Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Nursing Department of Speech and Language Therapy Cyprus International Institute of Environmental and Public Health- CII

Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts Faculty of Engineering and Technology Department of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Informatics Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics Language Centre



A New Public University


Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), founded by state law in 2004, is a public University based in Limassol. CUT has admitted its first undergraduate students in September 2007.

As a Public Entity Cyprus University of Technology is administered by the University Council, which bears the responsibility for the management, administrative and financial control of the University and its property; as well as by the Senate, which is, the highest ranked academic instrument.

The first Graduation Ceremony was in 2011 while the university now offers a significant number of graduate master level programs and doctoral degrees in all its Departments.

Vision and Mission CUT aspires to become a modern pioneering University, capable of offering education and high level research in leading branches of economy and science. With its orientation towards applied research, Cyprus University of Technology aims to have a prominent position and a leading role in all areas of science, and technology in a knowledgebased and research driven society. Plus CUT seeks to balance the educational and scientific lack in the landscape of higher education in Cyprus.

Faculties and Departments are administered by the respective Deans and Presidents of each Department

Administrative Services The operation of the University supports the following administrative services :       

Human Resources, Property Management Research and International Collaboration Finance Academic and Student Affairs Information Systems and Technology Library

The Administrative Services ensure that Council and Senate decisions are implemented effectively and accordingly to the decisions taken while the Director of administration and Finance has the overall responsibility for the implementation

organization, coordination and control of the administrative services and their effective management.

Academic Staff The academic staff is elected by the electoral bodies which consist of Cypriot and foreign academics. The procedures are continuous, while the minimum qualifications for the elected academic Staff are the doctorate title and the ability of university level teaching and research. The academic staff already appointed has high academic research and teaching experience in universities both in Cyprus and abroad. Furthermore, the teaching needs of CUT are covered by Visiting Professors by special Scientist and other appointed Teaching Staff.

Academic System of Studies The academic year consists of two semesters and the expected time of completion of an undergraduate course is eight semesters. Cyprus University of Technology applies the ECTS academic transfer system to all its programs in order to give transparency to its recognition procedures. The ECTS programme of study comprises 60 ECTS per academic year, 30