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lODZ CREATES InnoVATION news magazine of the city of lodz

NO. 4 (12)/2016

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he land in the New Centre of Lodz was sold for more than PLN 85 million – a record price in the city’s history. The deal had been reached by the end of October and the starting price was 60 million. What does it mean? It means that Lodz becomes attractive to serious new investors. Investor Service and International Cooperation Bureau at the City of Lodz Office serves as a guide to foreign companies interested in investing in Lodz as well as to domestic entrepreneurs and start-ups. Since Lodz is the city which cares about its inhabitants, it invests large sums of money in revitalisation efforts. Moreover, nearly each month you can participate in some cultural events here. October saw Light Move Festival as well as the 10th anniversary of Lódź Design Festival, an event known both in Poland and abroad. The month was not even over when UNIT9 VR Challenge took place. It’s the first event in Poland entirely devoted to virtual reality. It comes as no surprise that it takes place here because Lodz is the hatching place of creative businesses. “We are consistent in offering creative businesses the best conditions for development in Poland. Lodz gives original ideas and exceptional projects a boost,” says Hanna Zdanowska, the President of Lodz in the lead interview.


Every student in Lodz knows “Młodzi w Łodzi” (“Youth in Lodz”) – a programme unlike any other in Poland. Promoting innovation is also at the heart of the ICT sector, which is developing staggeringly fast. "We owe this to highly skilled staff and the potential of Lodz schools. The IT sector and telecommunications are counted among key areas of development in Regional Innovation Strategy for the Lodz Region," says Professor Sławomir Wiak, the Rector of Lodz University of Technology. ICT Central Poland Cluster set up a special unit responsible for education. Lodz University of Technology and ICT companies collaborated to create 29 profiles of jobs that are sought by cluster members. It turned out that the most popular profiles are software architect and tester. As a result university programmes have been revised to suit the needs of the ICT sector. The city has also noticed the potential hidden in the computer games industry and it established the Gamedev cluster. This business abounds in start-ups that can pride themselves in their truly incredible ideas. How they are supported and what they’ve learned in the Silicon Valley are discussed in this edition with Piotr Przewrocki, an angel investor. Enjoy reading! ●


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The quality of living is our priority

Chances of organizing EXPO 2022, development of creative industries, incentives to develop entrepreneurship, and the offer for the residents are the themes of our conversation with the President of Lodz, Hanna Zdanowska


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“An important stage of cooperation are joint research and development projects, technology transfers, as well as studies and expertizes, delegated to our scientists by business partners,” says Sławomir Wiak, the rector of Lodz University of Technology Students of the Raptors group, representing the Lodz U