Critical Hope for the SDGs - Presentation Sisters

Franciscans International, are uniquely qualified to develop this guide. ... Each goal has its own set of specific targets for a total of 169 sustainable development.
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IPA Supports the SDGs.

Critical Hope for the SDGs Advocating from the Margins for Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice in the Context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

A popular-education resource for groups to explore a critical engagement with the SDGs and to identify advocacy strategies for advancing social, economic, and environmental justice in our communities, countries, and world CRITICAL HOPE FOR THE SDGs l


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The International Presentation Association dreamed about ensuring that the people truly own the Sustainable Development Goals. The collective effort by some NGOs at the United Nations resulted in this guide, “Critical Hope for the SDGs: Advocating from the Margins for Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice in the Context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.” The desire was that the SDGs would reach the people in a manner to and in which they could relate and participate. We wanted the SDGs to become the people’s agenda. Special thanks are due to Amanda Lyons who undertook the research and translated the content into the popular education methodology. As an insider who actively participated in the SDG processes at the UN from its inception, Amanda has a unique understanding of the SDGs which she put to good use. With her dedication and commitment, this dream has materialized. We are deeply grateful to Amanda for being the lead author of this guide. Thanks to the initial team of NGOs – Aine O’Conner from Mercy international, Celine Paramunda of the Society of Catholic Medical Missionaries, Amanda Lyons from Franciscan International, and Elsa Muttathu of the International Presentation Association – for birthing the dream of this SDG Guide into a collaborative action agenda. We are also grateful to Winifred Doherty, RGS, NGO Representative to the UN Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, Angela Reed, RSM, Ph.D Resident with the Sisters of Mercy MIA: Global Action at the UN, Guillermo Campuzano of the Congregation of the Mission, and Olivia Dawson, IPA volunteer, for their very helpful suggestions and critique of the first draft. To our RUN community in New York, thank you for your companionship on this journey. Sr. Joyce Meyer, PBVM, who is passionate about the implementation of SDGs, was not only a back bone of support but also ensured that we had the funding to take the project forward. Our thanks to Joyce and the Hilton Foundation for the financial support! It is Jocelyn Quijano, PBVM, IPA Short Term Representative at the UN, who picked up the momentum once again with her expert skills and moved it to completion. We also thank Robin Eggert of REALM Group Inc. who facilitated the services of Kelly Alisauskas, our layout designer. Special thanks to the IPA Directors, Mary Deane, Gabrielle Morgan, and Patricia Anastasio, and to Elena Hoye, IPA Networker, for their encouragement and support. Our gratitude goes also to the IPA justice contacts, who read the draft many times and sent in their feedback and suggestions, and to Mary Margaret Mooney, PBVM, who did the proof reading. Thanks to all who have, in any way, been part of this venture. We hope that this will truly enable the participation of many people in a Human Rights based engagement with the SDGs as the people’s agenda. Elsa Muttathu IPA NGO Representative at the UN 2 |



PART I: Introduction and Background




How to Use the Guide


Key to Symbols Used


Background on Method


Human Rights


Popular Education


PART II: The Process: Resources and Activities


Overview of the Approach


Imagine: Understanding sustainable development


See: Assessing the situation at the margins