Crocheting a simple dress and cape.

Start the body with your “body yarn” and change the yarn where you want the ... Start the new round with the ... More crochet tutorials are available on my blog.
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Crocheting a simple dress and cape. In this tutorial I will show how to crochet a dress and a cape. Make a dress and a cape for any long-legged animal or doll, or just the cape for a sitting animal.

1. The dress. Start the body with your “body yarn” and change the yarn where you want the skirt to start. Make the last round of the body with the “body yarn”. Crochet the skirt with single crochet stitches (double crochet stitch in the UK) or use a crochet lace pattern.

1. Decide where you want the skirt to start. Stop before the last step of the last single crochet stitch.

2. Tie the “dress” yarn around the “body” yarn and push the knot close to the fabric.

3. Grab the “dress” yarn with the hook and pull through both stitches to complete the last sc.

4. Cut the “body” yarn and knot the yarn tails together.

5. Start the new round with the “dress” yarn. Finish this round.

6. Crochet into the back loops only on the next round.

7. The skirt will later be crocheted into the row of front loops.

8. Change the yarn again before the last round of the body.

9. Start the skirt. Insert the hook under a loop and draw up a loop.

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10. Grab the yarn and draw through the loop. This will count as the first single crochet stitch.

11. Thread the yarn tail onto a yarn needle and bring it to the side of the body.

13. Crochet the first round into the row of front loops. Increase by three stitches, spaced evenly.

14. Continue crocheting the skirt. Increase by one stitch each round. Space the increases evenly.

12. Fasten with a double knot and hide the yarn tail inside the body.

15. Finish the skirt, fasten off and weave in the yarn tail.

Notes: • Use yarns with similar weight to crochet the body and the dress. • If you need to decrease on the round you crochet into back loops only, use the regular decrease method – tutorial here. • Fastening the yarn with a knot and hiding yarn tails – tutorial here. • If you want to make a fuller skirt, increase by more than one stitch every round. Space the increases evenly and make sure they are not on the same spot every round. • Use the third method described in this tutorial to finish the skirt – tutorial here.

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The cape.

Use a bulky wool or wool blend yarn to crochet the cape. Cape is crocheted with double crochet stitches (triple or treble crochet in the UK) and into the front loops only. Do not add any small details, like buttons, when making toys for children younger than 3 years old.

1. Crochet a chain three stitches longer than the body.

2. Make the first double crochet stitch into the fourth chain from hook. Finish the row and flip.

4. Insert the hook under the front loop only for a more textured look.

5. Make the last double crochet stitch of a row into the last chain you started the last row with.

7. Fold the top third down to create the collar for your cape.

8. Make a few stitches right below the collar to fasten.

3. Start each row with three chains, these count as the first double crochet stitch.

6. Crochet until the cape is long enough to fit around the body. Fasten off, weave in yarn ends.

9. Sew on the button with matching thread.

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10. Place the cape around the body and sew on the head.

11. Sew on the arms through the the cape. Make sure you also go through the body fabric.

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