Cross that Bridge When I Come to it

May 3, 2015 - As Abraham went –. God showed him where one step at a time. So God doesn't necessarily lay out the whole plan for us. Usually, He shows us the first step and then the next step. ... PRINCIPLE #3 -‐ We don't make good decisions when our ______ are real high or real low! When salespeople want to sell ...
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Cross that Bridge When I Come to it Eight Keys to Making Wise Decisions

Cross  that  Bridge  When  I  Come  to   t   Dr.iBrandon Park | May 3, 2015 Eight  Keys  to  Making     Wise  Decisions  

     “We  make  our  _______________  and  then  our  decisions  __________  us.”    What  you  are  today  is   based  upon  the  decisions  that  you’ve  made  i n  previous  days.    And  what  you  will  be  i n  the  future  will   be  determined  by  the  decisions  you  make  in  your  life  today.                FACT:  We  make  over  ________  decisions  every  day  (some  important,  s ome  not  so  i mportant).       Each  day  we  are  confronted  with  a  series  of  choices  and  those  choices  determine  the  direction  and   the  destiny  of  our  lives.              When  it  comes  to  making  decisions,  most  people  find  themselves  in  one  of  two  categories:     1. Some  people  make  ________  ________________  -­‐-­‐  they  move  forward  too  hastily.   2. Some  people  are  __________________  -­‐  they  procrastinate  or  decide  not  to  decide.   Nothing  of  significance  is  ever  accomplished  in  this  life  without  clear  decisions.    We  cannot  take  our   decisions  lightly!    We  need  to  have  some  kind  of  B iblical  process  that  we  can  go  to  so  that  we  can   arrive  at  a  good  decision.    The  Book  of  Proverbs  shows  us  how.                  Proverbs  28:26,  “He  who  trusts  in  himself  is  a  fool,  but  he  who  walks  in  wisdom  in  kept  safe.”    One   of  the  biggest  mistakes  that  people  make  is  to  make  decisions  without  the  counsel  of  God.    Here  are  8   Biblical  keys  to  making  wise  decisions.      

1.  _______________  WITH  ___________  

         Psalm  16:11,  “You  will  make  known  to  me  the  path  of  life;  in  Your  p resence  is  fullness  of  joy;  in  Your   right  hand  there  are  pleasures  forever.”              When  you  are  seeking  to  make  a  choice,  commence  with  faith.      James  1:5  says,  “If  any  man  lacks   wisdom  let  him  ask  of  God  who  gives  to  a ll  men  g enerously.”    You  acknowledge  that  you  are   inadequate  to  make  the  right  choice  and  you  seek  His  wisdom.              Someone  has  defined  rebellion  this  way:  “Reserving  for  myself  the  right  to  make  the   ________________  decision.”    You  don’t  make  the  final  decision!    God  does!    “In  his  h eart  a  man   plans  his  course,  but  the  LORD  determines  his  steps.”  (Proverbs  16:9)            When  God  speaks  to  you,  he  doesn’t  always  tell  us  exactly  what  He  wants  us  to  do.  (BIBLE  ILLUS:   Abraham  was  told  to  leave  his  country  and  go  to  a  c ity  that  he  had  not  heard  of.    He  didn’t  tell   Abraham  where  he  was  going  and  he  didn’t  tell  him  what  the  destination  was.    As  Abraham  went  –   God  showed  him  where  one  step  at  a  time.            So  God  doesn’t  necessarily  lay  out  the  whole  plan  for  us.  Usually,  He  shows  us  the  first  step  and   then  the  next  step.  God  will  never  advance  your  _______________  beyond  your  last  act  of   _____________________.      

2.  _____________  THE  __________  

         Proverbs  13:16  says,  “Every  prudent  man  acts  out  of  knowledge.”    In  other  words,  we  are  not  to   make  decisions  out  of  ignorance.    We  are  to  get  all  the  facts  that  we  can  get  regarding  the  decision   that  we  are  going  to  make.              Proverbs  18:13  says,  “what  a  shame,  how  ignorant,  to  decide  before  k nowing  the  facts.”    Solomon   wrote  this  verse.    When  you  read  the  book  of  Ecclesiastes  he  tells  us  that  he  learned  everything  that   he  could  about  every  situation—he  sought  learning…he  was  a  learned  man.              We  have  to  be  careful  to  n ot  make  decisions  based  on  ____________________.    Proverbs  23:23   say