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Nov 26, 2016 - Payment. Full payment (non refundable) of $80, due by Thursday 10 November 2016 (Credit card or EFT. Name of Account –. WATC, BSB: 066 ...
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Entertainment The TabTouch Masters – featuring the $1,000,000 Crown Perth Winterbottom Stakes Crown Perth Winterbottom Stakes marks the second day of the TabTouch Masters and is all about life of the country, featuring local and regional produce. Along with a 9 race program on the day, there will be live bands and DJs, a kids entertainment area as well as the Country Cups ‘Fashions on the Field’ final.

Market Stalls We are seeking regional businesses of WA to take part in this inaugural event, with the option of selling foods, clothing, artworks, souvenirs, gifts, health and wellbeing or other products.

MARQUEE STALL COST • $80 per stall, inclusive of all council application fees

Included in the package • • • • •

3 x 3 Marquee per stall holder 2 x Trestle tables including one black cloth per table 2 x Plastic chairs Mains water will be available at specific points Standard power to be provided, requirements need to be supplied for confirmation

Setup Requirements from Vendors • Each stall holder is to be self-contained and provide their own cooking equipment, ingredients and service utensils • Gas bottles and appliances must be set up by 10.00am on the day prior to allow our plumber to conduct inspections • All electrical cords and equipment including cash registers and cooking items must have a current test tag • Equipment can be hired from Perth Racing for stallholders at their cost, equipment must be cleaned at close of trade by the stall holder • Stall holders to prepare food at own premises and heat serve only on the racecourse • Excess waste to be removed by stall holders • No alcohol, soft drinks, juice or water to be sold • Bump in on the day from 6.30am to 9.00am

Market Stalls, Vendor Details Saturday 26 November 2016 Vendor Details To secure your Market Stall, return the Vendor Booking Form with all required documentation by 5pm Thursday 10 November 2016 to Renee Bennet via email [email protected] If you have any queries please contact Renee on 9277 0798. Title


First Name

Address Phone

Postcode Mobile


Stall Name

Type of Service/Food Selling

Items Cooled on Site Description of Products Are you a registered business?



No If YES, business name

Payment Full payment (non refundable) of $80, due by Thursday 10 November 2016 (Credit card or EFT. Name of Account – WATC, BSB: 066 153 , Account No: 106 26739) Card Type (circle) Mastercard Visa Amex Exp. Date _______/_______ Card Number Cardholder’s name

CCV Number Signature

Power and Gas Requirements Please list each electrical and gas appliance item to be used in marquee stall.

Additional Equipment Equipment can be hired from Perth Racing for stalls, please ask Renee on 9277 0798 or [email protected] e.g 2 door fridge per marquee - $275.00

Requirements for Stall Holder to be organised by Renee Bennet at Perth Racing • • • • •

Minimum standards for food stall set up Stallholder permit application Stallholder questionnaire Contractor induction and sign off Submitted to City of Belmont at least 2 weeks prior to the event for approval

• • • •

Basic description/layout of stall showing workflow Public liability Certificate of registration Complete application form