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Inspiring ideas to enhance your ch’i


2013 Winter

How Flexible are You?

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Living Feng Shui Magazine Winter 2013


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Inspiring ideas to enhance your ch’i

Bending in the Wind


hough I never personally heard him say it, BTB Feng Shui’s Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun, is said to have taught that the entire point of Feng Shui was to create flexible chi. Not to increase wealth, manifest a new relationship, or make some other fabulous thing happen (although that is often the outcome), but to help us to cultivate the kind of chi that is both resilient and can withstand change. This idea intrigues me and I knew from Living Feng Shui Magazine’s inception that it would be the theme for this second issue. Flexible chi is best represented by the wood element. A tree’s ability to bend in the wind is what helps it to survive for if it is too rigid it will snap, or be entirely uprooted. On the other hand, if a tree is too flexible, it may be weak and unable to stand without the support of the forest around it. It is a balance of rigidity and flexibility that allows us to be good parents, employees, spouses. We must stand firm when we believe ourselves to be acting in the highest good, but learn to remain open to the idea that we may indeed be wrong. We must be self actualizing, but also willing to ask for help when needed.

Life has a funny way of bringing you exactly what you focus on. Perhaps not in exactly the package that you were expecting, but what you asked for nonetheless. When I began putting this issue together I had no idea just how much personal material the Universe would provide for me to take notice of. I set out with a particular vision and time line in mind but life’s circumstances provided direct evidence of my own need to remain unattached to the outcome - as much as that is possible for a total control freak! For my part, it was necessary for me to release myself from my own deadline so that I could be of service where I was most needed, helping my husband’s family in a time of great transition and stress. If I had not done so, like the mighty oak in a giant wind surge, I would have broken, snapped under the pressure of being everything to everybody. My contributors have also all experienced this need to remain flexible in their lives and have provided tips and stories to illustrate why it is so important to learn to bend in the wind. Mia Staysko Publisher

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