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Africa and as a consultant in European security fora on. Mediterranean security issues. (5). Currently I ... Global Policy Institute, London Metropolitan University.
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From March 1997 until June 1998 I was the deputy-director at the Royal Institute of International Affairs and subsequently actingdirector. From January 1999 I was director-of-studies at the Institute until March 2000.


I am now an affiliated lecturer at the Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) in the University of Cambridge, where I also run the Centre for North African Studies. I was also, until 2010, a research fellow at the Centre for Islamic Studies at Oxford University. Between 2000 and 2006 I was a visiting professor in geography at Kings College, in London University and thereafter I have held a professorial fellowship in the Global Policy Institute of London Metropolitan University. I also hold a professorial fellowship at the Royal United Services Institution in London where I am director of the Institute’s Qatar programme.


I was also senior research fellow for the Mediterranean programme of the Instituto de Estudos Estratigecos e Internacionais in Lisbon where, until April 2006 I managed the EuroMeSCo network of foreign policy institutes – an official confidence-building measure of the European Union in the EuroMediterranean Partnership. I have similar links with the European Union Institute of Strategic Studies in Paris.


I was self-employed between 1973 and 1997 and was also active in the academic context as a lecturer on international relations, geography and contemporary history in the Middle East and North Africa and as a consultant in European security fora on Mediterranean security issues.


Currently I manage and teach a sub-option on the M.Phil. (International Relations) course at Cambridge, where I provide the only course on the international relations of the contemporary Middle East and North Africa in the university. I also supervise PhDs in these subjects. I also teach on MA and BA courses on Middle East and North African affairs, including geopolitical, boundary and resource issues, at Kings College in London.


In the professional context I have worked as a consultant on issues of political and economic risk, a technical expert on political and economic issues connected to international arbitration and a commentator on current affairs. I also managed a project on

economic reform in the Mediterranean basin for the Royal Institute of International Affairs and participated in the Institute’s Middle East Programme before becoming deputy-director there in 1997.


Academic Affiliations Cambridge University Lecturer at the Centre of International Studies/POLIS

since 2002

Oxford University Research fellow at the Centre of Islamic Studies


Kings College, London University Visiting Professor in Geography

since 2000

Global Policy Institute, London Metropolitan University Professorial Fellow

since 2006

Royal United Services Institute for Strategic Studies Research fellow Professorial fellow Director Qatar Programme

since 2001 since 2010 since 2010

Instituto de Estudos Estratégicos e Internacionais Senior Research Fellow (Mediterranean)

since 1999

London School of Economics and Political Science Visiting Fellow in The Centre for International Relations


School of Oriental and African Studies Lecturing in:Geography of North Africa Geography of the Middle East Political Geography Research Associate:Centre for Near and Middle Eastern Studies Deputy Director:Centre for Geopolitics and International Boundaries Research Senior Research Fellow


1980-2002 1982-2002 1989-2002 1986-1998



University of Southampton Teaching Fellow:Department of Politics (Geopolitics of the Middle East and North Africa) University of Exeter Honorary Research Fellow:Department of Politics


University of Sussex Lecturing:Department of Politics (Geopolitics of the Middle East and North Africa) Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) Senior Research Fellow Responsible for a project on Mediterranean security issues and European Union Mediterranean policy Director-of-Studies and Deputy-Director Acting-Director Director-of-Studies





1997-2000 1998 1997-2000

Professional Affiliations Middle East Editor Economist Intelligence Unit (London)


Consultant Editor for the Middle East and North Africa Economist Intelligence Unit (London)



since 1980

Commentary - radio and television

since 1976



Publishing and Consultancy Director - Menas Press Ltd (Publishing academic texts on Middle East and North Africa)


Director - Menas Services Ltd (Responsible for technical support projects in border dispute resolution and oil arbitrations before the International Court of Justice)


Director - MEAPEC Ltd (Responsible for economic and political risk analysis)

since 1984


Postgraduate research SSRC grant (1976-77) research in Morocco: £5,000


Academic funding Private funding (1993-95) Society of Moroccan Studies: £10,000 Private funding (1992-93) Society of Algerian Studies: £2,000 Private funding (1993) SOAS conference: £12,000 from ISESCO (Rabat) Private Funding (1995) for publication: £6,000 from ISESCO (Rabat) Foreign and Commonwealth Office (1996) Conference on Morocco: £7,000 Foreign and Commonwealth Office (1996) Creation of Centre for North African Studies: £8,000 Foreign and Commonwealth Office (1997) Support for Centre for North African Studies: £4,000 Royal Institute of international Affairs (1997-1999) Various projects on Angola and Mediterranean Affairs: £70,000 Cambridge University (2007-2009) ESCR project: Political Islam in North Africa £267,000


CAREER EXPERIENCE My career experience is relevant to my current activities in the following respects: academic (teaching), academic and professional (research), administration (consultancy), analysis (consultancy).


Academic (teaching)

I have carried out undergraduate and postgraduate teaching for the past four decades. I have created and enjoyed sole responsibility for the courses in geopolitics of the Middle East at Southampton University and Sussex University. I shared teaching duties for the geography courses at the School of Oriental and African Studies and now do this at Kings College. I teach a postgraduate course on North Africa and the Middle East at Cambridge University and supervise MPhil and PhD students. I also jointly organised field courses for the Geography Department at SOAS in 1987, 1993 and 1994. I am also an examiner for doctoral theses at Oxford, Cambridge, London, Durham, Exeter, Leeds, Birmingham, Cardiff and Lancaster universities and was until 2006 external examiner for the Diplomatic Academy at Westminister University. I have also lectured widely on North African and Middle Eastern issues for major institutes in Britain, Europe and the United States. These include Wilton Park, the Royal College of Defence Studies, the Royal United Services Institution, the International Institute of Strategic Studies, all in Britain. I have also lectured at all major institutes in Europe, including the NATO College in Rome, and at institutes in Morocco, Libya and Tunisia. I am a recognised authority on contemporary political and economic issues in the Mediterranean and Gulf regions.


Academic and professional research

I have extensive research experience, both in terms of field and archival research. In the late 1970s, I undertook oral and archival historical investigations in the rural Jbala region of north-western Morocco in order to establish the pattern of development of rural resistance to the French and Spanish colonial presences there up to 1956. In 1983 and 1984 I carried out extensive archival research in Malta into the activities of the Order of St John of Jerusalem and into Malta's nineteenth century links with North Africa. Between 1980 and 1984 I investigated French, Spanish and British archives over North African affairs during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. I have also investigated official British and French archives in connection with the late nineteenth and twentieth century histories of the Gulf states, Iraq, Yemen and Palestine, with particular reference to issues of border definition and state sovereignty. My research work has also been linked to my professional activities,


particularly in connection with international arbitrations. I have been responsible for conducting and organising historical research in connection with border disputes before the International Court of Justice, involving Libya with Tunisia, Malta and Chad (on behalf of Libya), Qatar with Bahrain (on behalf of Qatar), and before an ad hoc tribunal for Egypt with Israel [Taba] (on behalf of Egypt). I advised on the disputes involving Yemen with Saudi Arabia (on behalf of Yemen) and Slovakia with Hungary (on behalf of Slovakia). I have also advised the defence team for the trial of the two Libyan accused in the Lockerbie affair. I also advise on asylum cases for the Middle East and North Africa, both in Britain and its dependencies and in the United States.


Administrative activities

My professional activities have involved a major commitment to administration, particularly of research work. I have had to coordinate teams of researchers operating in Britain, France, Malta, Tunisia, Turkey and, on occasion, the USA. I have also had to organise the final reports to the client, attend and take instructions from the client and provide expert testimony when arbitrations were heard by the International Court of Justice or by an ad hoc tribunal. This has also been necessary in cases I organised before the US-Iran Claims Tribunal at The Hague between 1986 and 1990. I was responsible for coordinating the work of a team of economic experts and ensuring that a series of complex and lengthy reports were prepared for the client. Much of this work was carried out in parallel with my administration of the border arbitrations described above. Between 1990 and 1997 I have, with Professor McLachlan, controlled the activities of the Geopolitics and International Boundaries Research Centre at SOAS. This has involved directing and coordinating the activities of the permanent staff of the Centre, managing its publishing programme and budget, and organising Centre conferences. I have also organised three major conferences at SOAS between 1988 and 1989; on Morocco's links to Europe, on Maghribi-EEC relations and on the process of state formation in North Africa. In 1994 I organised, on behalf of SOAS, the first major conference on radical Islam in North Africa at Chatham House. This conference involved participation from all major Islamist movements in the region, including the FIS. In 1995 I organised, again on behalf of SOAS, the first academic conference on Yemen which involved speakers from all the Yemeni political factions in the aftermath of the Civil War there in 1994. In 1996, I organised a conference entitled "After Barcelona" for the British Embassy in Rabat at Chatham House. The proceedings of three of the conferences have been published. At Cambridge I jointly organised a conference on Qajar Persia in 2004 and a conference on the centenary of the discovery of oil in Persia in 2008. In 2009 I organised a major conference on Radicalisation in the Middle East and


North Africa at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies in the University of Cambridge. Two major publications have emerged from the proceedings of this conference. As honorary secretary of the Society of Moroccan Studies I was responsible for promoting the Society's membership and establishing its organisation as a company and registered charity. I have coordinated the Society's lectureship and conference programmes - we hold six lectures and one conference annually. I also arrange fund raising for the Society and coordinate the production and distribution of the Society's journal, Morocco. I also undertook similar activities in connection with the new Society of Algerian Studies where I was the co-organiser for a major conference on Algeria and the treasurer until 1997. I am also the founder and co-editor (with Professor John Entelis of Fordham University in New York) of the Journal of North African Studies, published by Frank Cass & Co (now published by Taylor and Francis Ltd) and, until the year 2000, the co-editor of Mediterranean Politics, also published by Frank Cass & Co. In my position as director-of-studies at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, I was also appointed as deputy-director under Sir Timothy Garden, the director, in 1997. The Institute, which is the leading institute for the study of international affairs in Great Britain, was founded in 1926 and my predecessors have included the historian, Arnold Toynbee, and Lord William Wallace. My responsibilities included managing the nine research programmes of the Institute, as well as its publications section – the Institute published two periodicals, including International Affairs, and around forty books and pamphlets per year. I also managed the Institute’s library and its meetings programme - the Institute is a major conference centre and most international figures will, whilst visiting London, address one of its meetings. I was also acting-director from June 1998 to December 1998. I have also founded and am the director of the Centre for North African Studies, now the Centre for the study of the International Relations of the Middle East and North Africa (CIRMENA). The Centre is the only body in Britain devoted to the study of contemporary, historical and sociological affairs in the North African region, in addition to its new interests in the Middle East. It also provides facilities for representatives from government, the commercial world and academe to discuss issues involving the region and provides a series of public meetings on such issues. The Centre also houses the Journal of North African Studies, which I founded in 1995 and of which I am the co-editor, and will begin a regular publishing programme on North Africa when funds permit. I am the editor, in this capacity, of a book series, published by Taylor and Francis, entitled History and Society in the Islamic world. The Centre intends to expand its activities by sponsoring academic research in the region and already cooperates with its American counterpart, AIMS (the American Institute of Maghrib Studies) in this respect. It is now based in the Department of Politics and International Studies in Cambridge University. The Centre has designed a project to link British and Moroccan universities together – the Moroccan-British Academic Network – which will be based at the Middle East Centre in St Anthony’s College at Oxford


University. At Cambridge, I have recently been engaged in a project to investigate radicalisation in North Africa with Alison Pargeter for the ESRC. The project has already culminated in a conference from which two books on the subject have been published, one with IB Tauris and the other with Taylor and Francis.



I take an active and continuing interest in current developments in the Middle East and North Africa, especially in the new alignments developing in the Mediterranean region, as part of my work in political risk analysis. As mentioned above, I frequently address conferences in universities and research institutions such as Wilton Park, IISS and the RIIA (Chatham House) on these issues. I also regularly address professional audiences at the NATO Defence College in Rome, the Geneva Centre for Security Policy in Geneva, the Norwegian Foreign Ministry and NOREF in Oslo and the Royal College of Defence Studies in London. I also attend official meetings in Europe at institutions such as the European Commission in Brussels, the European Union Strategic Studies Institute in Paris, the Nato College in Rome and governmental advisory bodies in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. My most recent interests in this respect are issues of migration and economic restructuring in North Africa and the Middle East, as well as Gulf and Levantine affairs in connection with my activities in political risk analysis. Until April 2006 I was also the administrative manager, under Alvaro Vasconcelos (now director of the European Union Institute of Strategic Studies in Paris), of the EuroMeSCo network of strategic studies institutes in Europe and the Southern Mediterranean states set up under the Barcelona Conference process as part of the European Union’s Euro-Mediterranean Partnership policy, where I am a member of the steering committee. As mentioned above, I also acted as the senior research fellow for the Mediterranean for the lead institute in this network, the Instituto de Estudos Estratégicos e Internacionais in Lisbon.

Current commitments In addition to my regular commitments, I have also been commissioned to write a book for Cambridge Univerity on Muslims in Europe and another on the Arab Spring for IB Tauris.


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