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Africa and as a consultant in European security fora on. Mediterranean security issues. (5). Currently I ... Global Policy Institute, London Metropolitan University.
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From March 1997 until June 1998 I was the deputy-director at the Royal Institute of International Affairs and subsequently actingdirector. From January 1999 I was director-of-studies at the Institute until March 2000.


I am now an affiliated lecturer at the Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) in the University of Cambridge, where I also run the Centre for North African Studies. I was also, until 2010, a research fellow at the Centre for Islamic Studies at Oxford University. Between 2000 and 2006 I was a visiting professor in geography at Kings College, in London University and thereafter I have held a professorial fellowship in the Global Policy Institute of London Metropolitan University. I also hold a professorial fellowship at the Royal United Services Institution in London where I am director of the Institute’s Qatar programme.


I was also senior research fellow for the Mediterranean programme of the Instituto de Estudos Estratigecos e Internacionais in Lisbon where, until April 2006 I managed the EuroMeSCo network of foreign policy institutes – an official confidence-building measure of the European Union in the EuroMediterranean Partnership. I have similar links with the European Union Institute of Strategic Studies in Paris.


I was self-employed between 1973 and 1997 and was also active in the academic context as a lecturer on international relations, geography and contemporary history in the Middle East and North Africa and as a consultant in European security fora on Mediterranean security issues.


Currently I manage and teach a sub-option on the M.Phil. (International Relations) course at Cambridge, where I provide the only course on the international relations of the contemporary Middle East and North Africa in the university. I also supervise PhDs in these subjects. I also teach on MA and BA courses on Middle East and North African affairs, including geopolitical, boundary and resource issues, at Kings College in London.


In the professional context I have worked as a consultant on issues of political and economic risk, a technical expert on political and economic issues connected to international arbitration and a commentator on current affairs. I also managed a project on

economic reform in the Mediterranean basin for the Royal Institute of International Affairs and participated in the Institute’s Middle East Programme before becoming deputy-director there in 1997.


Academic Affiliations Cambridge University Lecturer at the Centre of International Studies/POLIS

since 2002

Oxford University Research fellow at the Centre of Islamic Studies


Kings College, London University Visiting Professor in Geography

since 2000

Global Policy Institute, London Metropolitan University Professorial Fellow

since 2006

Royal United Services Institute for Strategic Studies Research fellow Professorial fellow Director Qatar Programme

since 2001 since 2010 since 2010

Instituto de Estudos Estratégicos e Internacionais Senior Research Fellow (Mediterranean)

since 1999

London School of Economics and Political Science Visiting Fellow in The Centre for International Relations


School of Oriental and African Studies Lecturing in:Geography of North Africa Geography of the Middle East Political Geography Research Associate:Centre for Near and Middle Eastern Studies Deputy Director:Centre for Geopolitics and International Boundaries Research Senior Research Fellow


1980-2002 1982-2002 1989-2002 1986-1998



University of Southampton Teaching Fellow:Department of Politics (Geopolitics of