C / C++. - structural / object-oriented programming. Linux – gcc, cc, KDevelop IDE, Eclipse IDE. Libraries - POSIX. ➢ Java. J2SE (jdk 1.6),. Eclipse IDE, NetBeans IDE,. Swing, JDBC. ➢ Metalanguages. HTML, XML, XSLT, CSS,. ➢ Languages for RIA. Basics of JavaFX 1.0 Platform. Flash CS3, ActionScript 3.0. ➢ Databases.
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Łukasz Michał Miądowicz Warneoska Street 6A / 8, 80-288 Gdaosk, Poland Mobile: +48 600 291 383 E-mail: [email protected] Date of Birth: 22 III 1985



10 X 2004 – till now

Technical University of Gdaosk, Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics, Computer Science

II 2009 - …

Technical University of Gdaosk, Faculty of Management and Economics, IT Management


VIII 2007 – IV 2008

Delphi and Oracle 10g/11g Junior Developer, AWEK Sp. z o.o. Participating in making software for finance and company management – ERP Systems Implementing database software based on Oracle Business Rules Engine


C / C++


- structural / object-oriented programming Linux – gcc, cc, KDevelop IDE, Eclipse IDE Libraries - POSIX J2SE (jdk 1.6), Eclipse IDE, NetBeans IDE, Swing, JDBC


Languages for RIA

HTML, XML, XSLT, CSS, Basics of JavaFX 1.0 Platform Flash CS3, ActionScript 3.0 

Databases Oracle 10g, 11g (PL/SQL programming & SQL) MySQL (SQL)

OS Windows XP, Vista Linux

Other UML 2.0 MS Office 2003/2007 Ability to work in a group and individual accomplishment of given tasks Aspiration for reaching the end of given tasks Will of progress Foreign Languages: o English – fluently (speech / writing) o German – basic (speech / writing) LATEX Subversion, OOP Concepts

Delphi Borland Delphi 2007, OOP


Scholarship at Technical University of Gdaosk during 1 st, 2nd,3 rd year of studying

HOBBIES / INTEREST        

Implementing algorithms, programming, Multimedia Streaming (architecture, programming, server configuration) Quantum Information and Quantum Computation Artificial Intelligence, Business Rules Economy and Stock-Exchange IT Management New Technologies, science Music, Reading Books, Cinema

Wyra żam zgodę na przetwa rzanie moi ch danych osobowych w cela ch rekruta cji , zgodnie z Us tawą z dn. 29.08.1997 o ochronie danych osobowych (Dz. U. nr 133, poz. 883)