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products have broad application for use on historic buildings while others are very .... manufacturers of wood, steel, and aluminum prime and storm windows, ...
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The spec ialty market for historic building window products and services has grown rapidly in the past 10 years. Si nce custom work is usuall y required when repair or rep lacement is necessary, it is important to be aware of the variety of compan ies that exist as well as their custom capabilities. Thi s section of the workbook has been included to enhance access to in formation on company products and services. The three-ring binder format perm its product literature and information to be added in the future, and stored in one place. The first part of this secti on is the third edi tion of Ihe Willdolll Directol), for Historic Bllildillgs, whi ch is produced by the Nationa l Park Service. It contains data on selective window compan ies actively involved in wi ndow work for historic preservat ion projects. The directory identifies special custom or semi-custom capabi lities that are normally required in historic preservati on window work. The second part contain s manufacturers' literature for six companies. The companies listed below are acti vely involved in the rehabilitation of windows in older building and have worked to improve the quality of window prod ucts fo r the hi storic preservation market. Each of the companies provided financial support to the publication of the Willdolll Rehabilitatioll Gil ide for Historic Bllildillgs; as appreciation for their support and to assist the user of this publication in the assembly of a product literature fi le, these compani es were invited to include product literature in thi s section (some of the literature is specifi ca ll y targeted to historic bui ldings, while some is more general). Product literature from the fo llow ing companies is included: Custom Window Company, EFCO Corporation, James A. Cass idy Company, Marvi n Windows and Doors, TRACO, and Wassau Metals. Finall y, it should be noted that inclusion of information on wi ndows and services does not constitute an endorsement of individual companies or of their products or services. Some of the window products have broad app lication for use on hi storic bui ld ings while others are very limited; decisions as to the appropriate treatment for any specific historic bui lding can onl y be made on a case-by-case basis.




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