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(family security, retirement, not working for the proverbial man, spirituality, owning your own ... TACTICS: What tactics are working best for me right now to get and keep business? What do I need to try out next? ... I set my alarm for 30 minutes to an hour before I need to get working. • I drink a glass of water. • I put on my FitBit.
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Developing your daily mindset routine Leaning the fuck out takes a shift in mindset from the daily grind to purposeful entrepreneurship. When you are at your day job, your focus and accountability are set by your team and supervisor. But once you’ve made a break for it, you have to set all your own goals, hold yourself accountable, and make all the business decisions. Similarly, leaning the fuck out often calls for a shift in how you understand yourself and interact with your family, friends, and peers. Both of these changes require a shift in mindset to a focus on your emotional intelligence, growth, purpose, and personal accountability. In order to get into the right mindset, we recommend setting up a daily system—one that creates discipline and accountability, and encourages growth and action. Along with finding accountability and support partners to help you stay on track. leanthef-ckout.com


In order to set your daily mindset routine, you need to first set your mindset in the right direction for your goals. Here are some questions for you to respond to, to help you redirect your mindset: • Think about yourself at retirement. Imagine you are at a party celebrating you as a success. What success are you celebrating? What have you done to get where you are? What are you wearing? Who are you with? Who helped you get there? Take a moment to visualize your success and write it down. • What means most to you in your life? (family security, retirement, not working for the proverbial man, spirituality, owning your own home, travel, etc.) • How would or is leaning out improving your quality of life? • What do you like most about your work style and work habits? • What are your personal values? • What are you going to need to affirm along the way, especially when “I can’t do this.” pops into your head? • How can I ensure I’m embracing all challenges with an “I am badass business woman” attitude? • If I get hit with a setback, how will I process it? • How will I ensure I’m working daily towards my goal? • How will I learn new things along the way? • Think about the times when you will get criticized for your new life. How will you handle the criticism? How will you learn from it? • How can I learn from the successes and inspiration of others?

Write a statement here to come back to. Answer the question:

WHEN EVERYTHING SEEMS TOUGH, I MUST REMEMBER …” Finally, make yourself a promise. Finish this sentence:



Daily Mindset and Affirmations Check-In

Each morning, take the time to check in and get set for the day. Get out your favorite notebook or journal and pen, and get to writing. These questions are meant to get you started, if you have others that are important to you to reflect on each morning add them into the routine as well.

MORNING AFFIRMATIONS: Give yourself a little affirmation. What are you best at? What do you need to boost yourself on today? Think statements like “I’m the best damn business woman in the country.” and “I can make the lead calls, I need to make today. I can do it!”

GOAL CHECK-IN: Where am I at on my goals this month? Am I meeting them? What else do I need to do? What do I need to accomplish today, in order to meet my goals?

TACTICS: What tactics are working best for me right now to get and keep business? What do I need to try out next?

CHALLENGES: Take a minute to reflect on any current challenges you may be having. Where are you at with a specific decision? What do you need to learn? Are you ready to make the next move?

ACCOUNTABILITY: Is there anything you need to check yourself on? What about encouragement? Give yourself a little personal accountability each morning. leanthef-ckout.com