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Data Security data security solutions

Liaison Data Security Solutions

Sharing data drives business productivity, but it also puts your enterprise at risk. Liaison understands the complexity of information security and compliance, along with the demands of B2B integration and data exchange. Our solutions are designed to protect data at rest and in transit, to support highly integrated IT ecosystems that allow information to be shared securely across departments, applications and organizational boundaries. As a result, Liaison can help drastically reduce the cost and complexity of security and compliance, while securing data across the flow of business. Liaison tokenization, key management and encryption solutions secure all types of sensitive, high-value and regulated data from internal and external threats. This includes payment card industry (PCI) data, including credit card numbers and loyalty information; personally identifiable information (PII) such as Social Security numbers, National Insurance numbers, payroll data and bank account numbers; and Protected Health Information (PHI), including health records and claims data.

Key Benefits •

Flexible options for encryption, tokenization and key management In addition to an on-premise solution, Liaison is the only provider to offer Tokenization as a Service, a cloudbased security solution fully managed by Liaison data security experts. Customizable, adaptable technology Our solutions are designed to meet an array of data security challenges, run on any platform, and offer flexible configuration and communication options.

Fast, cost-effective compliance Built with compliance in mind, Liaison security capabilities meet the data security requirements set forth in today’s industry regulations.

Unparalleled support and expertise Liaison delivers practitioner’s expertise

and the highest levels of support, built over years of experience serving enterprise clients.

Encryption, tokenization and key management As data increases exponentially, access points expand and cybercriminals become more sophisticated, enterprises are seeking strong, efficient, complianceoriented security. Liaison’s encryption, tokenization and key management solutions have been incorporated into the security framework of organizations around the globe. As a result, they are proactively meeting industry and government compliance requirements while securing a range of high-value, sensitive and regulated data assets – including Social Security numbers, National Insurance numbers, passport numbers, payment card data, health records and a host of other Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Liaison Protect™ is the first to combine Format Preserving Tokenization™ with strong local encryption and centralized encryption key management – all in one platform-independent package. This comprehensive software solution seamlessly balances protection, key management and event logging requirements for data of all types. An excellent companion to strong perimeter and firewall protection, Liaison Protect effectively manages the competing objectives of access and security to provide: •

Unmatched scalability accommodates fast-growing organizations with a platform-independent service-oriented architecture.

Adaptable encryption on any platform delivers field- and file-level encryption and support for 3DES, AES 256 and other algorithms. It protects data on a wide variety of platforms, including: IBM mainframe, IBM i, Windows, UNIX, Linux, and numerous databases, including: Oracle, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server. It also enables

encryption in heterogeneous environments (encrypt on one platform and decrypt on another). •

Advanced key management includes a centralized manager that generates, distributes, rotates, revokes and deletes encryption keys and certificates.