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PRELIMINARY SPECIFICATION 1/3.06" color CMOS 13.2 megapixel (4224 x 3136) image sensor with OmniBSI-3™ technology




color CMOS 13.2 megapixel (4224 x 3136) image sensor with OmniBSI-3™ technology

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color CMOS 13.2 megapixel (4224 x 3136) image sensor with OmniBSI-3™ technology datasheet (COB) PRELIMINARY SPECIFICATION version 1.1 september 2013

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OV13850-G04A (color, chip probing, 200 µm backgrinding, reconstructed wafer with good die)


1.12 µm x 1.12 µm pixel with OmniBSI-3™ technology


8kbits of embedded one-time programmable (OTP) memory


optical size of 1/3.06"


two on-chip phase lock loops (PLLs)


31.2° CRA for