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Application deployments are accelerating. But capability gaps exist. Enter next-gen cloud data management. Essential guidance. An IDC Infographic, Sponsored ...
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3rd Platform is Here and Demands Novel Cloud Data Management An IDC Infographic, Sponsored by Datos IO

3rd Platform Technologies and Solutions are Dominating IT Spend while 2nd platform is shrinking at

CAGR for the 3rd platform is



Technologies Include Next-Generation and Traditional Applications

3rd Platform Applications are Driving the Need for New Cloud Data Management Schemes

Next-generation applications are born-in-the-cloud... ...while traditional onpremise applications are moving to the cloud Infrastructure techniques are giving way to applicationcentric techniques

Application deployments are accelerating Application deployments

will double within 24 months




of CIOs have a cloud-first strategy


of organizations have active development projects using cloud databases (relational and non-relational)

expect to deploy applications with these cloud databases within 12 months

But capability gaps exist Retrofitting existing cloud data management techniques may lead to significant capability gaps due to a lack of: Enterprise-grade data protection features for cloud databases and relational databases in the cloud

Data recovery for non-operational recovery use cases such as test/dev in the cloud and across clouds

Data visibility across heterogeneous data persistence models

Cloud data mobility to enable application development lifecycle in the cloud

Enter next-gen cloud data management

Next-gen cloud data management will include important functionality such as: Recovery orchestration capable of supporting distributed software platforms

Integrated data management to reduce data sprawl and improve data agility for multi-use purposes directly from a backup copy Native-format versioning to enable multi-cloud mobility and portability

Global semantic deduplication to minimize data stored and managed

Non-media server-based architectures to deliver performance at massive scale

Essential guidance Three actions IT organizations can take now to ensure a successful deployment: Decouple past-generation application deployment and protection models from next-gen deployments for fresh thinking at all levels Integrate cloud data protection and management up-front with next-gen application design rather than try to retrofit older methodologies Match data protection schemes to specific workload types and multi-cloud deployment models

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