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... Day surgery ii. Published by TSO (The Stationery Office) and available from: Online .... Lifting and moving patients. Storage. Environmental impact/sustainable design. Creating the ...... 3.86 Surgical procedures are frequently video-recorded.
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Surgery Health Building Note 10-02: Day surgery facilities

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HBN 10-02 Surgery: Day Surgery Facilities


Department of Health Estates and Facilities Division

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May 2007

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PCT CEs, NHS Trusts CEs, Care Trust CEs, Foundation Trust CEs, Medical Directors, Directors of Nursing, PCT PCE Chairs, NHS Trust Board Chairs, Special HA Chairs

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Department of Health libraries, House of Commons library, Strategic Health Authorities, UK Health Departments, Directors of Estates and Facilities


Provides guidance on the built environment required to support the clinical and diagnostic invasive procedures that take place in a dedicated day surgery unit (DSU) located within either an acute hospital or a Treatment Centre.

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Surgery Health Building 10-02: Day surgery

Delivering Same Sex Accommodation – Review of Health Building Note Guidance The Department of Health’s Delivering Same-Sex Accommodation (DSSA) programme aims to all but eliminate mixed-sex accommodation from hospitals in England by 2010. Although DSSA is primarily an operational issue, the design and layout of healthcare facilities can help support the provision of same-sex accommodation. With this in mind, the Department’s Health Building Note (HBN) series of publications has been reviewed against DSSA requirements. Amendments have been made to this document at paragraph 3.26. This review makes particular reference to the letter (PL/CNO/2009/2) from the Chief Nursing Officer and Director General NHS Finance, Performance and Operations at: DH_098894 Full details of the DSSA programme are at:

Surgery: Health Building Note 10-02 – Day surgery

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