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... calculated by dividing the enterprise value of the portfolio company by either the TTM EBITDA or the TTM revenue at the time of the transaction. 3x. 5x. 7x. 9x.
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PitchBook 1Q 2013 Private Equity

Deal Multiples & Trends Report

1Q 2013 Private Equity Deal Multiples & Trends Report

Introduction The Deal Multiples & Trends Report has steadily been gaining traction since PitchBook released the inaugural edition of the report in 3Q 2012, with a record-breaking number of respondents completing the most recent survey for deals executed in 4Q 2012. By integrating data from the survey with verified deal information in the PitchBook Platform, this edition of the report includes deal terms and multiples from 116 transactions in 2012. The full PitchBook Platform currently provides data on 10,499 deals in 2012. One of the key takeaways from this edition of the survey was that the median debt level in private equity (PE) buyouts jumped from 46% in 3Q to 57% in 4Q. Much of this increase can be attributed to the fact that the average deal size also rose in 4Q, and larger deals tend to incorporate higher amounts of debt. The report also shows that PE firms have been focused on acquiring strong performing companies with solid revenue growth, as more than 75% of the businesses acquired in 4Q increased their revenue in the previous 12 months and anticipate doing the same in the year ahead. Another interesting finding was that many PE firms were operating under expedited timelines in 4Q in anticipation of higher tax rates in 2013. To that end, the proportion of deals that closed in less than 10 weeks during 4Q was the highest it had been all year. Here are some of the key statistics for 2012 that will be explored in the report: »» »» »» »»

The median EBITDA multiple for all deals was 6.0x. The median revenue multiple for all deals was 1.2x. The median debt percentage for all deals was 56%. The average time to close a deal was 17 weeks.

We understand that deal terms and multiples are some of the most sensitive and important information to PE professionals. As such, all information provided by survey respondents remains completely anonymous and is not integrated into the PitchBook Platform or any deliverables besides the Deal Multiples & Trends Report. If you are interested in participating in future editions of the survey, please send your contact information to [email protected]

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1Q 2013 Private Equity Deal Multiples & Trends Report

Investment Multiples Larger deals commanded higher multiples throughout 2012

Nearly two-thirds of deals in 2012 had an EBITDA multiple of 5x or greater

Median EV/EBITDA Multiple by Enterprise Value

EV/EBITDA Multiple Breakdown (2012)

15x 13x













3Q 2012


4Q Source: PitchBook

Investment Multiples Definition

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Investment multiples are calculated by