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event. For tips on social media marketing, see the. Social Media section on the following page. Email invitations: Send these to your customer database. Take.
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As with any innovative product, educating and acquainting prospects on the key features, benefits, and points of difference can be very fun and satisfying. Our initial consumer insights have indicated that prospects like what they see and the story we have to tell, but actually running and riding behind a Heyday will be the key determinant in the final decision for many of them. To get there, we’ve created Heyday Demo Dayz. With the help of this guide and marketing materials provided at, attendees will quickly realize why Heyday is so unique, and that they don’t have to shred their bank accounts to start shredding wakes.

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Planting the promotional seed in your local market is the first step. Strategies including a mix of digital, social, and traditional media works best in most markets. Personal experience in your home market and what produces results should obviously be factored in.

Primary: Gen. X: • 35-55 years old • Have a high disposable income • Are physically active Secondary: Millennials: • 18-34 years old • Building their careers • Always exploring ‘what’s next’ • Can be major influencers if their parents are the buyer

Here are some general areas to consider having covered: • Schedule live radio remotes • Purchase local TV and radio time • Post on local community event calendars • Promote to visitors of your website • Promote using social media • Promote using signage in your dealership • Promote on dealership/LED sign if applicable • Purchase outdoor media if affordable

h e y d ay d e m o d ay z SECTION: 1

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Social media:

Phone calls:

Your customers are already on Facebook, Instagram, etc., so keep them informed about your event. For tips on social media marketing, see the Social Media section on the following page.

Follow up with your hottest leads about two weeks prior to the event. The Heyday Demo Dayz event could be the final step in getting them to make a purchase.

Email invitations:

Boating venues:

Send these to your customer database. Take advantage of the e-blast samples provided by Heyday and supplement them with personal emails to add a more personalized touch. Keep them short and to-the-point, letting customers know key points: time, date, location, and any incentives your dealership might want to include.

Reach out to boaters where they meet in your area – like a popular on-water restaurant or marina. Ask to put fliers or other promo materials out where boaters will see them.

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From scheduling demo appointments to making sure your event works with—but isn’t competing against—other major happenings in your community, these are all part of doing it right. Plan around other local events

Schedule demo appointments

If possible, hold your Heyday Demo Dayz in conjunction with another relevant event—such as a wakeboarding competition, a Coast Guard Auxiliary event, or something similar. Visitors benefit from enjoying multiple events in one trip, and you benefit from larger crowds. By the same token, do NOT schedule your event so that it competes with a major unrelated event that will cost you attendance.

Particularly with your captured prospects and leads, it’s a good idea to schedule a specific time for their ride. This makes it a real commitment for both of you. Also, make su