Design in Innovation

STARTING WITH AN IDEA. Try again. Develop ... Design's contribution to the UK economy is. £71.7bn ... 580,000 of those in design businesses and. 1 million in ...
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Design in Innovation Paul Mason Deputy Director, Research & Chief Scientific Advisor, Innovate UK

DESIGN IN INNOVATION Find our strategy at

REALITY CHECK People don’t buy technology; they buy what technology does for them.

Sure, it’s clever... But what’s it for?




Develop & deliver

Try again


Early-stage Design

•  What’s the real problem? •  Who are the customers? •  What makes them tick? •  Are things likely to change?

Better idea

Develop & deliver

UK DESIGN CAPABILITY •  Design’s contribution to the UK economy is £71.7bn, equivalent to 7.2% of UK total GVA. •  1.6 million people are employed in the UK design economy. •  580,000 of those in design businesses and 1 million in design roles across other sectors.

THE VALUE OF DESIGN TO BUSINESS For every £1 invested in design, businesses could achieve: •  £20 in increased revenues •  a £4 increase in net operating profit •  and £5 in increased exports.


Advocate and raise awareness of design in innovation.


Bring together design and technology communities, both nationally and locally.


Fund early-stage 'design foundations' activity in priority areas, inspiring better ideas for development.


Invest in design across our portfolio as an allowable cost within collaborative funded projects.


Support knowledge sharing and capability building in design including through KTPs and secondments.