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Oct 20, 2010 - the real reasons disabled people are dependent on benefits, reform brings ...... This more holistic assessment, with greater input from claimants ...
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Destination unknown cover


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Claudia Wood is a senior researcher on the Family and Society Programme at Demos. Eugene Grant is a junior associate of Demos.

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Destination Unknown | Claudia Wood · Eugene Grant

The UK’s 7 million disabled people experience entrenched inequality and disadvantage, in the form of poorer educational attainment, lower employment and earnings potential, and restricted access to good and services. Far more disabled people live in poverty than the rest of the population and as a result they are more reliant on benefits for their income. This pamphlet examines the reforms to welfare benefits announced in the Emergency Budget and in the forthcoming Spending Review and concludes that the impact on disabled people has not been fully considered. Rather than simply incentivising work, cutting benefits will have unintended consequences on households where finding and keeping work is only achievable with personalised welfare to work support. Through original analysis, Destination Unknown estimates that the losses in income over the course of this Parliament will amount to over £9 billion. The pamphlet presents alternative reforms designed to introduce a greater focus on capability-building and supporting the move into employment. These would render the Government’s welfare reform strategy more inclusive and appropriate for disabled people, more effective in achieving sustainable employment and social engagement, and will mitigate some of the very worst effects of these reforms.

“For disabled people, cuts to welfare will have a deep and lasting impact…” DESTINATION UNKNOWN Claudia Wood Eugene Grant

Destination unknown cover


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DESTINATION UNKNOWN Claudia Wood Eugene Grant

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