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LinkedIn works better than the combination of Facebook, Google-. Plus, Reddit, sms/text and push notifications. ... network (especially Twitter which is a real-time medium). The publishing calendars have to be created .... Of course that you can visualize data on Google Analytics but in SumAll you can see many different type ...
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DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS The Beginners Guide to Content Marketing of Everything

DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS The Beginners Guide to Content Marketing of Everything



What is a Digital Distribution Channel?

How To Automate The Digital Distribution Process? How To Use MailChimp To Create a Giveaway Campaign? How To Analyze Your Marketing Efforts Efficiently? Summary


Digital Distribution Channels The Beginners Guide to Content Marketing of Everything

One of the crucial activity of every digital publisher is to create, grow and maintain their own digital distribution channels that will secure digital sales.

What are the digital distribution channels and why are they so important for digital content creators? I would say that having established digital distribution channel is even more important for digital publishing


businesses then high quality content itself. I am not going to lie that content is less important but without efficient distribution among audience that care about what you do, there is no point to expect commercial success. If you want to learn more and find out clear answers about the digital distribution channels creation process, enriched with examples and micro tutorials, this cook book is definitely for you. Enjoy!

Wojciech SZYWALSKI Content Marketing Manager PressPad



1 Digital distribution channel is a defined and structured communication channel of your own control, reaching the target audience that cares about you, what you do or what your business delivers. 5

There are various known digital distribution channels, these are:



Social media networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc.)

Mobile apps

Push notification


Of course there are more but I bet these are the most popular channels people recognize. And for some types of businesses, a special combination of digital channels may work better for them than for others. For example in the case of PressPad, our blog combined with email, Twitter, Quora, Slideshare, mobile app and LinkedIn works better than the combination of Facebook, GooglePlus, Reddit, sms/text and push notifications.

Lots of businesses confirm that the ROI of blogging is the highest. 6

Successful identification of where your target audience hangs out is the first step to building an efficient digital distribution channel or collection of channels. Once you have them identified, they have to be structured into the distribution processes.

An Example Process for Twitter distribution

On input: A blog post about the latest edition of your digital magazine or a highly converting copy of your app’s landing page.


Copy re-worked into several Tweets

Linking back from the Tweets to the original url

Adding relevant hash tags

Adding relevant images (option)

Tweets buffering

On output: Tweets distributed 7

Example Tweet Structure

Tweet’s structure: Subject/Benefit/Value + CTA + link + hashtag + image (option)

Of course these processes may be automated. In fact distribution automation is a must at some point, in order to reach the scale growth but you’ll read about it in further detail in this ebook.

Tip: Identify not only where your target audience is, but where they listen to your message. For example Press