Disconnected democracy? A study of Scottish ...

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Disconnected  democracy?     A  study  of     Scottish  Community  Councils’     online  communications        

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Bruce  Martin  Ryan  40070877   MSc  in  Information  Systems  Development,  2013  


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Bruce  Martin  Ryan  40070877   MSc  in  Information  Systems  Development,  2013  


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Bruce  Martin  Ryan  40070877   MSc  in  Information  Systems  Development,  2013  


Abstract   In   Scotland,   Community   Councils   (CCs)   are   the   lowest   tier   of   government,   being   representative   bodies   for   small   portions   of   Local   Authority   areas   and   having   no   service-­‐delivery  duties.  They  have  a  number  of  issues.  For  example,  16%  of  potential   CCs   do   not   exist,   while   there   is   a   paucity   of   candidates   for   those   that   do   exist.   Despite  being  charged  with  ascertaining  and  expressing  their  communities’  opinions,   and   despite   other   tiers   of   UK   government   increasing   their   use   of   online   communications,  recent  research  has  shown  that  very  few  CC  effectively  use  online   techniques.  In  particular,  the  proportion  using  social  media  is  very  small.     This   project   investigated   the   motivations   behind   some   CCs’   use   and   non-­‐use   of   online   communication.   Semi-­‐structured   interviews   were   used   to   investigate   the   drivers  and  inhibitors  behind  some  CCs’  online  presences,  while  criteria  for  an  ‘ideal’   presence  were  generated  and  used  to  assess  actual  presences.  The  most  significant   drivers   and   inhibitors   found   were   cost   (specifically   reduced   information-­‐ dissemination   costs   but   also   increased   time-­‐costs),   increased   effectiveness/efficiency,   increased   visibility,   satisfaction   of   citizen   demand   and   the   age-­‐rel