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The website of Karvy Mutual Fund Services www.karvymfs.com is an ... funds serviced by Karvy, we have provided a host of services on our website www.karvymfs.com. ..... This service is one of the best and advanced options which Karvy is ... You can view your Top 10 Investors in any selected fund – Asset class wise.
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Distributor Manual A handbook for distributors using Karvy MFS Online Services

What does the handbook offer? The website of Karvy Mutual Fund Services www.karvymfs.com is an integrated and client focused website catering to the mutual funds segment of the financial services industry. It addresses the twin issues of business development and client servicing which are the objectives of any mutual fund. We take pride in presenting to you some of the key highlights of the website and the distributor services being offered.

Key highlights of the website Dedicated website 24*7 access from any location Continuous innovation Convenience, comfort & customization Speedy data retrieval & processing capability Tightly integrated web services with operations built on the experience of a host of reputed clients

Distributor services The distributor services manual places you in the lead by enabling you to utilize the range of services in the distributor login of www.karvymfs.com. The manual provides you with complete information support that includes client information, transaction information, business information and overall market information with subscription to vital reports. The manual provides you with an in-depth knowledge of building customized reports that are convenient to use and are an indispensable tool for the distributors. The manual present focused explanation of the core features and also the complexities of the online, mail back and subscription services provided on the website. We are confident that the present edition of the manual would satisfy the need of a handbook in utilizing the services provided by www.karvymfs.com.

Introduction To support the services for investors & distributors on diverse fronts with respect to the various funds serviced by Karvy, we have provided a host of services on our website www.karvymfs.com. For the distributor fraternity, we have enabled a host of login based services, some of them shaped by the responses/feedbacks that we have been receiving from distributors. The whole objective of enabled services is to provide ready, pre/post-processed information that would go a step further in business decision making for the distributor. In the following sections, we attempt to provide an insight to the various services, which should help a distributor garner more information about his clients and help him get a complete overview of the business done with adequate MIS reports to support various requirements. We have also provided host of services on the website for your investors which include, online viewing of statement of accounts held by investor, portfolio valuation and consolidated account summary at fund level/across funds for all Karvy serviced Mutual Funds. Add – on services like Chartbusters, subscription reports and mail back services under which vital reports are categorized on the basis of their nature and usage bring in the ease of finding information, just a click away. Various enrichments to the Distributor Services provided on the website have all been a result of your constant feedback and encouragement and hence we request your valued comments, so as to enable us to continue with the constant up gradations to the services.

Login Based Services Subscription Reports Using the subscription reports services, you can subscribe for any of the reports mentioned below, which would be triggered to the email id(s) registered with us, based on the frequency selected by you, delivered regularly and periodically to your mailbox. The reports are places under two categories – Monthly and Regular on a periodical basis. The subscription services allows you to receive data on a regular basis, without you having to actually visit the site and request for a Mail back on a periodic basis. Any customization preference of reports registered would be applicable to the subscription services also.


Monthly Reports MFSD 302 – Market Size Estimation This report gives you an insight to the various Mutual Funds