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experience for Office 365 and integrates into. Microsoft Office. ... real-time co-authoring within select Office programs on ... medium-sized businesses - Microsoft Commissioned Survey, 2016 ... Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files at the same.
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Do More Wherever You Go

Do More Wherever You Go How OneDrive for Business can solve 3 common file storage problems


Do More Wherever You Go

As a business owner, you have a lot on your mind: finding your next customer, managing a schedule, making payroll, and more. Probably missing from that list is how your company’s files are stored and shared. Odds are your employees are using traditional methods to share documents such as saving to their desktop, emailing files, or using flash drives. But, as your business continues to grow, these storage solutions won’t scale and can result in lost productivity, limited collaboration, and security risks. These problems will only increase as the amount of data your business handles on a daily basis continues to grow. As a result, you’ll need a file storage solution that is connected when you’re on the go, allowing you and your employees to share files in a secured environment.

OneDrive for Business is the built-in file-sharing experience for Office 365 and integrates into Microsoft Office. It’s a unique solution that offers real-time co-authoring within select Office programs on the desktop. And, it’s backed by Microsoft’s commitment to security, compliance, privacy and transparency—so you can focus on your business, not your storage. Many businesses may suffer from common file storage and syncing issues. Read on to understand these problems, the risk they pose to your business, and how OneDrive for Business can help you solve them.

79% of businesses (employee size 1–500) have seen the amount of data stored increase over the past 3 years.*

*2016 commissioned Spiceworks survey of 300 small and medium-sized businesses - Microsoft Commissioned Survey, 2016


Do More Wherever You Go



Working from everywhere It doesn’t matter where my employees are throughout the day; they want to work and get things done. Whether they’re on a PC, tablet, or phone, the ability to access and edit files is critical.

SOLUTION When first adopting a cloud storage solution, you can start your journey to the cloud with a hybrid approach: storing some data in the cloud, while still relying on traditional storage methods for other files. As your organization becomes more comfortable with using cloud storage, you can continue to move more assets and files to the cloud, making them more readily available across virtually any device from nearly anywhere your employees work. The newest version of OneDrive for Business delivers a great experience, and is compatible across all major mobile and desktop operating systems (including iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows Mobile, and Windows 8.1), allowing your employees to use any combination of devices. Because your files are stored in the cloud, employees can switch between them seamlessly across devices, picking up right where they left off. It’s equally important to adopt a cloud storage solution that is trusted by and works well with the existing business applications your employees and business partners use. If your cloud storage *Microsoft By The Numbers, Microsoft News, 2016 **Restrictions may apply. Visit for details.

isn’t compatible with the tools your organization is already using, employees will spend time troubleshooting and switching applications, instead of getting work done. OneDrive for Business is compatible with the Office programs your employees—and more than 1.2 billion customers around the world—use daily.* With OneDrive for Business, you can edit a Word document or Excel sheet without ever leaving OneDrive or make a Skype call to clients directly from the app.** And all these applications are included (at one set price) in a variety of Office 365 Business plans.

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Collaboration means duplicating files Our business relies on sharing ideas and working together, and unless we’re in the same room, there isn’t a great way to collaborate. We’re constantly emailing files back and forth, and versions get lost or duplicated.

SOLUTION Once your employees have started storing files in the cloud and can take advantage of increased access, collaboration can improve. With OneDrive for Business’ online editing capabilities, collaboration has never been easier—everyone can see the latest version of a file and co-author Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files at the same time, getting work done faster and more efficiently. Regardless of what device you choose to work on, collaboration can happen from virtually anywhere. Even if you don’t need input from a business partner, chances are you need to share files with them, and you need to do so with enhanced security. Nearly everything in OneDrive for Business iset to private by default, yet files are easy to share with the people you chose. Invite external business partners, clients, or coworkers to view or edit individual files or even entire folders. They don’t need their own account­—or even Microsoft Office—to make edits, provide feedback, or work with you at the same time.

Do More Wherever You Go


Suffering from data chaos It’s difficult keeping track of everything and staying organized. Finding specific files is challenging. Overall, my employees waste too much time trying to locate what they need.


SOLUTION Having a central content hub is crucial to keeping your files organized. Fortunately, OneDrive for Business has some powerful features to help you find what you need and keep your files readily available. Besides the ability to easily create folders, and subfolders, OneDrive for Business enables your team with:

• Real-time notifications when a document is being edited (including a timestamp and knowledge of who is editing) • PDF annotations on iOS devices that allow users to highlight, draw, and sign virtually any PDF file all within OneDrive • Automatically saving old versions of documents, so you can easily track and undo changes • Photo tagging for virtually every image saved in OneDrive so images and text in photos can be identified through a keyword search

Do More Wherever You Go



With the right cloud storage solution, you and your employees can continue to work from wherever your small business takes you, whether it’s your home office or a business meeting across the country. If you’re ready for your business to scale, mobility is a must. Fear of deviating from traditional file storage solutions may be holding you back. It’s time to consider cloud storage from Microsoft OneDrive for Business. Easily access, share, and collaborate on files from virtually anywhere. Whether you need to co-author with a colleague or more securely share files with a business partner, OneDrive for Business’ built-in capabilities for Office

365 provide native integration to a leading business productivity software. Consider rolling out OneDrive for Business to give your business the competitive edge it needs with real-time collaboration and file-saving sanity. Your subscription comes with 1 TB of storage, so as your business (and the data it stores) continues to grow, you’ll have plenty of space for your important files, photos, and more.

Do More Wherever You Go

It’s time to transform your business, and your employees’ mobility by creating one place for all your files. Learn more about OneDrive for Business plans and pricing by visiting: