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Please remember to notify Send a Cow if you no longer qualify for Gift Aid. ... We would like to feature some of the completed challenges in our Lifeline magazine ...
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Do Something Different 40 ideas for Lent There are many ways you can raise £ 40 for Send a Cow this Lent, so here are 40 ideas to get you started. Y ou can pick just one for the 40 days, one per week or even one a day - it’s up to you ! Why not use this ga me to keep you motivated… Start with two old ja m jars or pots. Label one Donation and one F ine. Pick your ideas from the list below; the aim is to finish Lent with more money in your donation jar than in your fine jar. Every £ 40 raised will go towards providing ‘Farmer Starter Kits’ to fa milies in poverty. These kits include everything a fa mily needs to get them growing, including tools, seeds and training in how to grow Bag Gardens and Keyhole Gardens. This will ensure three healthy meals a day and extra to sell for a regular income.

Lent 2011

Do Something Different Food Ideas: 1)

Get all your colleagues to give up one cup of coffee a day for 40 days. Ask everyone to donate the cost of that coffee to Send a Cow. F ine everyone 50p who sneaks in an extra cup.


Give up your favourite chocolate bar for 40 days. Donate the money you save each day. F ine £ 1 every time you cheat.


Eat an African style meal for lunch. Swap your food for a simpler dish of rice and vegetables. Donate the cost of your usual lunch. F ine the cost of the meal by double, every day you don’t do it.


Cut out meat from your diet for 40 days. Donate the money you save. F ine the cost of your favourite meal in a restaurant if you fail.


Try a new recipe and bake a cake, selling slices to friends, fa mily and colleagues. Donate the money you make. F ine youself £ 5, if you end up having to eat slices you don’t sell.


Give up ‘take-away’s’ for Lent. Donate the money you would have spent. F ine yourself double the cost of your favourite dish if you fail.


Invite all your neighbours round for a coffee morning. Ask for donations for your tea and coffee.

Lent 2011

Do Something Different 8)

Hold a dinner party for fa mily or friends. Ask everyone to donate how much they would pay for the meal.


Make sandwiches for your colleagues once a week. Get them to donate the cost of the shop value.

Green Ideas: Donate what you save from these green ideas to your total. Y ou will find some cost saving facts to help you on the back page. 10)

Swap your bath for a shower for 40 days. Donate £ 5 if you make it all the way. F ine £ 10 if you don’t.


Change the light bulbs in your house to energy saving ones. Donate 20p for every switch you make. F ine yourself 50p for every bulb you fail to change.


Give up watching TV for 40 days and read instead. Donate your electricity savings. F ine yourself £ 1 every time you turn on the TV.


Switch off all electrical items from ‘Stand-By’. Donate £ 5 if you never find an appliance left on stand-by. F ine yourself £ 1 for every appliance you find left on.

Lent 2011

Do Something Different 14)

Wash all plates and cutlery by hand instead of using the dishwasher. Donate £ 5 if you manage it. F ine yourself £ 10 if you don’t.


Dry all your washing outside instead of using the tu mble dryer. Donate £ 1 for every wash hung outside. F ine yourself £ 2 for every wash put in the tu mble dryer.


Hand wash all your clothes for 40 days. Donate your electricity saving to Send a Cow. F ine yourself £ 2 every time that you use the washing machine.


Turn the lights off every time you leave a room. Donate £ 5 at the end of Lent if you manage this every time. F ine yourself 50p every time find lights left on .


Arrange for all your bills to be sent