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Political Campaign Gigs Pose Challenges By Breanne George

ThE NEws MagazinE For LivE Sound APRIL 2008 Vol. 6 No. 7

Don’t Mess with Texas

LAS VEGAS — Political campaign season is in full swing as presidential hopefuls rally across the U.S. for a chance at the Oval Office. This time of year also means an increase in political campaign gigs for live production companies. While political events are often an exciting change of pace from the typical concert tour, they also provide a host of unique challenges. Dan Myers of On Cue Systems worked on the recent Sen. Barack Obama presidential rally at the Arizona State Fair’s 14,000-seat Veterans Memorial Coliseum. As FOH engineer, Myers was responsible for setting up the PA system as well as mixing the event. He has also worked with President George W. Bush and Sen. John Kerry on their 2004 campaigns. He admits that mixing sound for a political speaker presents unique challenges, especially in an indoor venue that is very reverberant and has the potential to cause unintelligible speech. In addition, the lavaliers When the phone rings at IPR Serthat political speakers commonly wear vices, the company’s owner Bob Patcontinued on page 7 to move around on rick expects to hear a challenge. After all, IPR has been at the helm for some of the most interesting install projects across the globe, including The Mirage in Las Vegas, Staples Center in Los AnBy Bill Evans geles and Makkah Mosque in Saudi Arabia. Still, he wasn’t quite prepared WASHINGTON — So how many when he heard that he only had 18 channels of wireless mics and permonths to get the design and install sonal monitors do you use on a typidone for the brand new 7,100-seat cal gig? Oh, and you do have an FCC Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles. license for those, right? Patrick and the IPR team got to work If your answers to the above shortly after the theatre was constructwere A) not a lot and B) Yes, then ed and designer Chips Davis buffed out you should have no problems with the room’s acoustics. Eighteen months. Google’s recent proposal to the FCC Ready, set, go to page 28. for deploying wireless broadband devices in the same spectrum we use for live audio production. But, under that proposal, the rest of us are pretty much screwed. Buyers Guide If you want to take a look at the 35 Get juiced with power distros. actual proposal Google is putting forward, go to Nightmare google_filing.pdf. A case of audio improv was no sweat 38 It boils down like this: They are for this sound guy (except for the ocean offering a “safe harbor” area where dripping off his forehead that is). wireless mics could operate without worrying about the new devices the FOH-at-Large computer industry is so intent on 52 Whether running the United States of marketing. Those channels are what America or an audio production company, it’s all about the mix. are currently UHF continued on page 11

IPR Takes On Nokia Theatre L.A. Live

Google Fuels White-Space Fire

At least don’t mess with Dallas-based Crossroads Audio. The company is all about regional events, from corporate shows and music festivals to regional tours as diverse as jazz artist Diana Krall, Dane Cook and a college tour featuring cartoons from the Adult Swim show. Co-Owner Ed Spoto, along with two partners — Stewart Bennett and Robin Magruder, made the big leap from touring life to launch a live sound biz with a booming concert segment. With competition fierce in the touring biz, they made the decision to solely focus on regional work. Crossroads doesn’t chase small local events either, where competition is just as fierce. Instead, they made a niche for themselves with large-scale one-offs. Crossroads Audio has made quite a name for itself in Texas — turn to page 42 to find out why.

D&M Holdings Inc. Acquires Allen & Heath By Breanne George

TOKYO — Since when did mergers and acquisitions become a staple of your favorite live audio magazine? Since a bunch of companies have be