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Do you have cloud induced FOMO (fear of missing out)? When you hear about the cloud, do you get a little anxious because you don’t know what the cloud is? Do you feel like technology is passing you by? Do you feel like the future is leaving you behind and you’ll never catch up? If you wonder! We hear about the cloud all the time these days. It’s everywhere! What does it mean! Let’s slow down. Take a deep breath. That’s good. Take another. Excellent. This book is how you overcome Cloud FOMO. I’ll let you in on a little secret: the cloud is not that hard to understand. It’s not. It’s just that nobody has taken the time to explain to you what the cloud is. They haven’t, have they?Deep down I think this is because they don’t understand the cloud either, but I do. I’ve been a programmer and writer for over 30 years. I’ve been in cloud computing since the very start, and I’m here to help you on your journey to understand the cloud. Consider me your tour guide. I’ll be with you every step of the way, but not in a creepy way.When you finish reading this book, you’ll understand what the cloud is and what it means for something to be in the cloud. That’s a promise.How do I deliver on that promise? I use lots and lots of pictures. I use lots and lots of examples. We’ll dive into the inner workings of Facebook Messenger, Amazon Kindle, Apple iCloud, Google Maps, and cloud DVRs. You’ll learn by seeing and understanding.Here’s the test I’ll use at the end of the book to see if I delivered on my promise of explaining the cloud:If you overhear in a café, “I just signed up for Tulip, it’s an awesome new cloud dating service,â€​ do you understand what that means now? I hope it does. Here’s what I hope pops into your mind:• I know what a cloud is: a cloud is just a bunch of computers in a datacenter. • I know what a decanter is: a datacenter is a giant warehouse-sized building containing lots and lots of computers.• I know what a service is: a service is a job I hire someone to do for me.• I know what a cloud service is: a cloud service performs a job for me in a cloud. • What service is being performed for me? Well, Tulip is a dating service, so the service must be related to dating.• I know I’m going to access Tulip using one of my devices, like my phone, tablet, or on my computer using a web browser. • I know the cloud is a separate place, it’s not on my device, I access the cloud over the internet using an app or web

site. • I know what the internet is: the internet is an electronic highway system for sending data from one computer to another computer.• I know what data is: data is a record of stuff. Anything an app understands how to do something with—is data.• I know that I’ll have to download Tulip’s app onto my device to use their cloud service. • I know I’ll use the Tulip app to perform some job for me, like hook me up with a delicious date. My request to find a date will be sent, as data, over the internet to a computer in Tulip’s cloud.• I know Tulip may have created their own cloud or they might have rented cloud services from a cloud provider.• I know a computer in Tulip’s cloud will receive my request to find a date. It will do the work of matching my profile to a list of worthy candidates. It will return the list, over the internet, to Tulip’s app. The app will display my matches and so I can reject them.• I know all my dating data is mostly safe in the cloud.• I know I can access Tulip from anywhere there’s an internet connection. • I know I can access Tulip from any device that can run Tulip’s app.• I know the dating service, because it’s in the cloud, has a lot of available compute power so it can find me the best match possible.• Hey, I know a lot about the cloud now. Yay!If you have thoughts like these, then I did my job