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Beauty + Function = Perfection The perfect balance of form and function is evident in all of our furniture. Styles ranging from traditional to contemporary… rustic to mission…give you the opportunity to complement your lifestyle. The beauty of solid wood…countless custom possibilities … a multitude of designer options…make creating your own design fun.


Solid Quality…behind every door We produce beautiful furniture using resources from our own backyard — not only trees…but talent. Generations of families have built Harden into what it is today — a group of talented, high-caliber American craftspeople. Only the finest materials and time-honored construction techniques are used to produce each piece of furniture.



Make Your Life Easier… and a lot more comfortable Harden furniture is built to last…comfortably. When you make an investment you deserve a product that will offer years of comfort and enjoyment. Superior construction, attention to detail, and exacting standards mean you will never regret making Harden a part of your home. Our commitment to quality means you only have to buy it once!


Sexy is as sexy does An inspiring assortment of styles from some of today’s most

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renowned designers can help bring your personal style to life. We offer a broad range of fabrics, colors, finishes, textures, and accents…resulting in limitless possibilities to express your personality. The romance of fine design is only surpassed by the personalization of making that design your very own. You know it when you see it…you appreciate it when you feel it…and you love it when you take it home.

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“Special” is an everyday word A custom-sized dining table? Easy. Add a few inches to the width of your entertainment system? No problem. Cowgirl Pink with tarnished hardware? Absolutely. A softer seat for your upholstery cushions? Done. It’s your style… made to order… and it’s personal.


Home is in the Heart We understand the importance of family — we’ve been committed to it for decades. From formal gatherings to impromptu get-togethers, your home is central to family life…offering security, comfort, and inspiration on a daily basis. Our long-standing history of providing customers with quality product and reliable service helps make furnishing your home an enjoyable experience. Everyone at Harden is committed to helping you create the home of your dreams.

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Harden Family / 1930

The Product of our own Environment Black cherry trees are part of our history. Solid cherry furniture our trademark. The Adirondack region of New York State is home to some of the finest black cherry in the nation. Our tradition is solid wood, rooted in a history of quality wood working, and still supplied by 10,000 acres of company-owned, sustainably managed timber property. All of this allows us to bring you wood’s natural beauty from our forests to your home.


“ On behalf of everyone at Harden Furniture, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to get to know our company. For generations, we’ve helped individuals create their dream homes by building well-designed, solidly-built American-made furniture. Though trends may change, one fact will always remain constant - style, quality, integrity and American craftsmanship… all add up to Harden.”

Gregory M. Harden CEO & Fifth Generation Harden [email protected]

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