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Acoustica is one of the UK’s leading Hi-Fi & Home Cinema dealers, celebrating over 20 years of trading in Chester. We carefully choose equipment that works together to produce Music & Movie systems that have the ability to excite and amaze, at all budgets, and to exceed all expectations. Our demonstration facilities at our Chester showrooms allow us to make meaningful comparisons to ensure that you spend your money wisely, to give you many years of enjoyment from your purchase. It should be as much fun choosing your entertainment system as it is using it from day-to-day. Music streaming moves on every year, with Tidal being for many the choice for best quality, as supported by Naim, Arcam & others. The

purchase of CDs themselves is becoming harder to justify with so much music available on demand for a simple monthly fee. With Naim’s new streaming platform now with us, this has opened up the choice to many other online music libraries, and so it has never been easier to enjoy the music you want to listen to when you want to listen to it. The ease with which music can now be sent around the home without wires everywhere is a useful by-product of the streaming revolution. For those baffled by the choices available, this is where we come in. For friendly, helpful impartial advice, visit us at our Hoole showrooms, send an email to: [email protected] or call 01244 344227.

ACOUSTICA Hi-Fi SHOW – 11/12 March 2017 This year promises to be our most exciting show to date, with more new product launches and technological advances than ever before, but of course the focus remains as ever on sound quality. The venue remains the same, the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel just off junction 12 of the M53 at the junction with the A41. The Sat Nav postcode to,+Cheshire+West+and+Chester+CH2+3PD/@53.2061473,-2.8564155,17z/ data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x487ae792d90bee17:0x1b0d61c857f0c81a use is CH2 3PD. Show hours are 10.00am to 5.00pm on the Saturday, and 10.00am to 4.00pm on the Sunday, and admission is free-of-charge.

For those of you who have not been to our show before, it is a very relaxed day out with many of the worlds leading Hi-Fi manufacturers showing what can be achieved from all music formats – vinyl included – with an emphasis on not only listening but on education and information too; feel free to ask whatever questions you like of the exhibitors, or of the Acoustica shop staff. Naturally, anything you see at the show will be available at our Hoole Road retail premises for further evaluation. The hotel itself is a nice place to be, beautiful setting, great bars & restaurants, and a spa, so make a day of it. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Acoustica NAIM AUDIO – FOCAL Loudspeakers – For those who are new to Naim Audio, a bit of history is maybe in order. Back in the ‘70’s, Naim was one of those little cottage industries, first making one power amplifier that found great favour with radio & TV studios, then adding a pre-amplifier for domestic usage, then a loudspeaker built to the same design principles, then another power amplifier and so on. Today’s product range is the result of being able to combine technology & sound quality in a way most other manufacturers fail to do. Since music streaming became a day-to-day reality, Naim have been at the forefront of combining both ease-of -use and sound quality together. This year, Naim have moved things on yet again. Having designed a completely new platform to work from, the entire one box solution Uniti range has been replaced and substantially improved in one hit. The Unitiserve & HDX servers are no more, replaced by the far more intelligent Core. Out go the Qute, Unitilite, Uniti & Superuniti, in come the Atom, Star & Nova, which offer far more flexible music ripping and storage options than before, plus the ability to use many additional online music libraries by incorporating Google Cast, plus much, much more. See the whole range first in the North of England at our show. As ever, for serious high end audio reproduction, then separates is the way to go. From CD Players to Pre-amplifiers to Power Amplifiers, Naim ensure that all their current models are compatible with their earlier products, ensuring ease of upgrade to the newer technologies available. Of particular interest is the 272, a combined pre-amp & music streamer, all you have to add, or already have, is a power amplifier. With Tidal & Spotify embedded into the design, and Internet radio built in as standard, the quantity of music available on demand has never been greater.

You will see that Focal Loudspeakers are Naim’s loudspeaker of choice in their demonstrations, this is down to the merger between Focal & Naim a few years back, each benefiting from the other’s technological advances. New this year is the Sopra 3 floor-stander, a bigger, better, step-up from the Sopra 2 that has been so successful in the UK marketplace & Worldwide. Designed in conjunction with Naim electronics, there is a natural synergy between the two. Many of the other loudspeaker manufacturers exhibiting at the show will be using Naim equipment as their preferred option, so with a bit of wandering around, most combinations will be available for audition. Alternatively our retail premises at 17 Hoole Rd will be open throughout the Saturday, and by appointment on the Sunday. Whatever your needs we can help.

Acoustica BOWERS & WILKINS Loudspeakers – ARCAM – Bowers & Wilkins are one of the biggest & best loudspeaker manufacturers in the world, it’s that simple! From budget £350/pair, to in-wall, in-ceiling and to as good as it gets floor-standers, they can provide. In previous years we have demonstrated what they are capable of on 2-channel stereo performance using music from streamed or CD sources, but this year we’re going to show how good a domestic Home Cinema system can be. Using models from their reference 800 Series, that is 803D3 front, HTM2 D3 centre, 805D3 rear, DB1 Sub-woofer and ceiling loudspeakers, we are going to create a full Dolby Atmos Cinema experience, that can be installed in your own home. To achieve this, B&W are combining forces with Arcam, who make what are probably the best AV Electronics on the market today at still relatively sensible prices. What sets Arcam apart from the rest is that they started off as a 2-channel amplifier manufacturer, and still pride themselves on the quality of their music reproduction abilities, whereas most Home Cinema Amplifiers fail fairly spectacularly in this aspect. This means Arcam Home Cinema Amplifiers sound better than their competition! In addition, Arcam has also included the very latest room correcting technology from Dirac Research. Dirac Live® for Arcam offers the ability to tune the acoustic performance of the system to any room situation giving the listener the best possible experience in their own home. By including Dolby Atmos & DTS:X the amplifiers deliver captivating sound that places and moves audio anywhere in the room, including overhead, to bring entertainment alive all around. As always, seeing – and hearing – is the proof, feel free to bring along your favourite DVD or Blu-ray. As a separate demonstration, using B&W CM Series Loudspeakers, Arcam will be showcasing their recently released Solo Music, a one box 2-channel solution providing CD replay, Music Streaming, internet radio & HDMI connectivity for your AV sources too... all for £1,299. If Music Streaming is all you need have a look at the Arcam rPlay, a high resolution Network player that can stream your own music files, or source from Tidal, Deezer, Spotify or Napster...... for £399, that can also form the basis of a full multi-room system throughout the house. The future is here, and it’s affordable.

RUSSELL K Loudspeakers – Russell-K is all about creating loudspeakers that have the most direct connection to the performing artist, and that means they are more fun to listen to! This is achieved by doing things a little differently than convention would suggest, having no internal damping (which can slow the sound down), allowing the cabinet walls to flex in time with the music as opposed to trying too hard to stop them moving at all and using only one specially selected crossover component between the amplifier

and each drive unit. Then taking the time to tune the sound, making use of many years’ experience. New for 2017, we will be showing the Red 120. This speaker comes in response to customer demand for a slim floor-standing speaker with the Russell-K sound, based on the drive units from the Red 50. And............ Russell K Red 50 Signature. Come and see. Come and listen.

SPENDOR – From their presence at our show last year after many year’s absence, Spendor has been our biggest growing loudspeaker brand for the last year, simply due to the outstanding value for money the range offers. Last year we showed the floor-standing D7, this year that will be there again, plus it’s big brother, the D9. The traditional design & outstanding build quality, plus a wide range of cabinet finishes makes choosing Spendor an easy decision. With many of our existing customers having spent the last few years refining their electronics to a high standard, we think 2017 is going to be the year of the loudspeaker upgrade. Have a look and a listen, all are good, but see which is for you.

CHORD Cables – Buying the right equipment is important. How you connect it all together is vital if you want to get the most out of your system. Whether it’s an analogue signal, a digital signal, Ethernet or HDMI, Chord Company have the knowledge and expertise to make it better, at all levels. From a simple £30 cable, to one at many thousands, the differences are easy to hear. Sceptical? Now’s the time to find out as Chord will be doing comparisons between standard & upgrade products throughout the day so you can decide for yourself. Naturally home loans of everything you hear on the day can be arranged for those who hear the difference. Based on previous year’s experience, we expect to be busy.

Acoustica REGA – With the resurgence in interest in vinyl, Rega are on a roll. Having been the manufacturer of the turntable of choice for many years, Rega have now upped the game with the introduction of the new Planar range, setting new standards in analogue sound reproduction as verified by the many outstanding reviews they have been receiving. Prices start at a very sensible £250 for the Planar 1, complete with cartridge, and go up from there.

time in the North of England, Rega’s new Brio integrated amplifier, as well as representative models from their full range of turntables, amplifiers and loudspeakers. We will also have the Northern launch of two exciting new products, but we’re not allowed to tell you much about them yet! Unfortunately, due to prior commitments, Rega themselves will not be in attendance at this year’s show, and so we will have a static display, but with Acoustica staff on hand to answer any questions, and on the Saturday we will be able to carry out dem’s and comparisons at the shop which will remain open throughout the day.

For those with amplifiers lacking the necessary dedicated turntable connectivity, Rega also produce a range of Phono Pre-amplifiers so that everyone can enjoy their vinyl collection from old, or indeed start collecting now. In addition, we will be showing for the first

In addition we will be present at the Styl:us show in Manchester the following weekend actively demonstrating Rega turntables & amplifiers on both days, that is the 18th & 19th of March. For full details see:

KUDOS – Last year Kudos treated Acoustica Show visitors to their flagship loudspeaker, the Titan 808, incorporating ground-breaking technology. Now, for 2017, they have something special to reveal once again: a pre-launch preview of the brand new member of the Titan family, the 707. The Titan 707 is a smaller, single-box version of the flagship 808 loudspeaker that will be more affordable to a wider range of budgets. Expect world-class drive units crafted exclusively for Kudos by renowned Norwegian specialists SEAS; complex cabinetry designed to

enable a stunningly life-like sound; Kudos’ trademark minimalist, low order crossover, made possible by seamless matching of all drive units. Want to be among the first to hear the result? Then please join us, take a seat and have a listen.




The very best of new and used vinyl is here at The Acoustica Show courtesy of – Theme One Records Titles covering some very important releases from the last 50 years. From the world of jazz, blues, folk, country, classical, soul & rock. Specialising in the Music on Vinyl releases + Abbey Road half speed masters Naim Label, Gear Box, Plane Groovy. Also Stocked are some rare, long gone Audiophile label titles. Special show offer the Grammy award – winning Chesky CD label titles from New York @ £5.00 each.

ROKSAN – Following last year’s vinyl entertainment, we are pleased to welcome back Roksan and their range of turntables, consisting of the Radius 7 and the classic Xerxes. New for this year is the Pug tone-arm, replacing the much loved but complex Artemiz. Henley Designs who distribute Roksan in the UK also act on behalf of Ortofon, and so we can offer

their full range of cartridges. Ortofon offer a trade-up scheme, so if you have an older or worn out cartridge from them, there are offers to be had to get you a better model for less cash. Come and talk to us.

DYNAUDIO Loudspeakers – Dynaudio has to be the Hi-Fi industry success story for the last year. With the introduction of their budget Emit range, Dynaudio have completely taken over that sector of the market, offering a combination of sound quality & build quality second to none. From the stand mount M10 at £499 to the floor-standing M30 at £1,250, nothing can touch them. The other big news is the launch of the new Contour range, setting a high standard for others to beat at a much higher point in the market. Designed and manufactured at Dynaudio’s newly expanded state-ofthe-art research and manufacturing facility: applying leading-edge technology, production methods and genuine craftsmanship. Dynaudio is innovating and reaching into the future with this latest generation of Contour: an evolution of a classic. The new series consists of four elegant high-performance models: the compact 20, the medium-sized floor standing 30, the larger floor standing 60, and the 25C dedicated centre channel speaker for movie lovers. With two rooms at the show, both ranges will be on demonstration, and subsequently available for audition or home loan at our Hoole premises. Come and enjoy.

Acoustica Making buying Hi-Fi easier To make it easier for you to buy the new Hi-Fi system you have been longing for, we have a few options available to help ease the financial pain. We will take in part exchange any components you are no longer using, no matter how many pieces that may be. We will then sell them on eBay on your behalf, and whatever we sell them for goes towards the purchase of new equipment. The only charges that will come off the selling price will be £20 to cover all of eBay’s fees, and PayPal sales fees if they apply. The rest is yours to spend on whatever you wish. In addition, it’s the time of year when we refresh much of our demo stock of all brands, so if you don’t mind taking on a piece of our lightly used display stock, there may be a worthwhile saving to be had. Have a look at our website listings, but there are many, many more products available to regular customers only. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Brands stocked include: Arcam

Michell Engineering

REL Sub-woofers

Bowers & Wilkins



Chord Company

Naim Audio




Russell K

Kudos Loudspeakers



Lyra Cartridges



SHOP DETAILS For any queries, or to arrange a demonstration, we are here Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00am until 5.30pm, and can be contacted on 01244 344227, or by email to [email protected] As always, we look forward to hearing from you.


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