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Engineering Scholarship, complete this form and send with accompanying CV to ... Council of Australia on 03 8614 1804 or email [email protected] ...
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BHP  Billiton  and  Minerals  Council  of  Australia   Women  In  Engineering  Scholarship  

BHP   Billiton,   in   partnership   with   the   Minerals   Council   of   Australia,   the   national   body   representing  Australia's exploration, mining  and  minerals  processing  industry,  invites   students  from  across  the  country  to  apply  for  the  BHP Billiton/Minerals  Council  of   Australia  Women  in  Engineering  Scholarship. The  BHP Billiton/MCA  partnership  is  helping  identify  the  next  generation  of  talented   female  engineers.   The   strong   numbers   of   applicants   in   previous   years   bodes   well   for   achieving  our  goal  of  increasing  the  number  of  female  engineers  in  our  sector. The   scholarship   is   open   to   all   female   undergraduate   engineering   students   studying   in   Australia   and   provides   $8000   per   annum   for   the   final   two   years   of   study.   It   aims   to   advance   the   role   of   women   in   the   resources   sector.   To   be   eligible   for   the   Women   in   Engineering  Scholarship,  you  must:   1. Be   currently enrolled   in   full time   study   in   an   Engineering   degree   (Mining, Electrical, Geotechnical,  Mechanical,  etc.) 2. Be  in  the  final  2  years  of an engineering  degree 3. Have  a  GPA  of  5  or  more  (or  equivalent  to  65%  or  more) 4. Include  an  accompanying  CV

Applications  close  16  December  2013   To  submit  your  application  for  the  BHP Billiton/MCA  Women  in   Engineering Scholarship, complete this form and send with accompanying CV to [email protected] For  more  information,  you  can  contact  Chris  James  at  the   Minerals  Council  of  Australia  on  03  8614  1804   or  email  [email protected]  

BHP  Billiton  and  Minerals  Council  of  Australia   Women  In  Engineering  Scholarship   Applicant  Details     Name:     Email  address:     Phone:       Current  study:     Place  of  residence:   1. What  motivated  you  to  apply  for  the  BHP Billiton/  MCA  Women  in  Engineering  Scholarship?

2. Please  outline  your  long  term  career  aspirations:

BHP  Billiton  and  Minerals  Council  of  Australia   Women  In  Engineering  Scholarship   3. What  has  been  your  biggest  achievement  to  date  and  how  do  you  see  this as contributing to your long-term career goals?

4. Please  give  details  of  any  current  or  previous  scholarship:

5. As the successful recipient of the BHP Billiton/MCA Women in Engineering Scholarship, you will be provided with an opportunity to undertake an undergraduate/vacation program with one of BHP Billiton's Australian based operations during the 2014-2015 summer period. As this will require you to work in a regional/remote area we would like you to confirm below that you are able to meet this requirement.

6. The scholarship winner will also be required to undertake promotional duties with The Minerals Council of Australia, including domestic travel from time to time. Would you be comfortable fulfilling such activities?

Click  to  submit  the  completed  form  to  [email protected]   Applicants  must  attach  a  CV  in  support  of  the  application.