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The company offers prototyping, A2LA certified metallurgy validations, multiple types of manual and robotic welding and cutting services, CNC milling, and CNC ...
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start to finish Duggan Manufacturing is a producer of custom parts for many varied industries operating out of Shelby Township, Michigan. Over nearly two decades the company has developed the necessary expertise to help customers take a project from its earliest design into the prototype phase, and deliver a product that meets the highest quality standards.


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uggan Manufacturing was established in 2000 as an automotive supplier in Shelby Township, Michigan. The company expanded quickly and within a few years had developed the necessary expertise and onsite capacity to provide everything from initial prototyping to finished product runs for a wide variety of clientele. Today Duggan Manufacturing works with companies in the defense, aerospace, agricultural, automotive, home appliance, construction and alternative energy industries, to name just a few. With nearly two decades of experience manufacturing parts for such a broad range of clients, Duggan Manufacturing developed a truly unique level of expertise as well as a collection of capital equipment that’s unmatched by its competitors. The company maintains its edge by staying up to date on the latest industry breakthroughs and continually investing in itself. In doing so Duggan Manufacturing is able to offer customers the best value in terms of speed, efficiency and cost. The company’s growth has also been driven by its ability to satisfy clients with extremely diverse needs. Since its inception, the company has focused on eliminating unknown variables within its supply chain for increased efficiency and reliability. It did this by bringing multiple stamping, machining, cutting,

prototyping, bending and assembly processes in-house. With so many critical manufacturing capabilities under one roof, it’s easy to see why its precision cut metal components can be found in equipment from many diverse industries. The sheer range of processes offered is an important part of what makes Duggan Manufacturing such a stand-out company. The company offers prototyping, A2LA certified metallurgy validations, multiple types of manual and robotic welding and cutting services, CNC milling, and CNC lathe turned parts.

Leader in Laser Technology (Cutting & Welding) Duggan Manufacturing is an industry leader when it comes to fiber optic laser cutting and welding. The company was the first manufacturer in Michigan to see their potential and purchased its first fiber optic welding machine back in 2009. This new piece of equipment was so efficient that it took over the work of five CO2 laser cutting machines, enabling the company to sell those and bring in more fiber optic systems. The advantages of these over the older CO2 machines are significant. They are capable of higher precision and increased energy efficiency, and require far less down time for maintenance. The

“The company has invested substantially in on-site inspection technologies to ensure that the highest standards of product quality are maintained.”


company continues to expand its capability in this regard and has recently purchased an IPG laser welder capable of generating a 10KW laser. Such investments are indicative of a company that understands the value of staying at the forefront of available technology. By continually upgrading its equipment lineup, Duggan Manufacturing can increase efficiency, expand capacity and prepare for any industry shifts as soon as they appear on the horizon.

Prototype & Low Volume Stamping Within Duggan’s facility are more than 60 stamping presses ranging from 50 to 1200 tons of hydraulic force. The company can form parts up to seven square feet and is fully equipped to perform deep drawing, a type of metal stamping where the