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could also make you some extra money. For a limited time only, Klein Tools' insulated combination pliers will be available with two VDE screwdrivers – one.
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Precise wire stripping in your hands

Klein Tools is taking the guesswork out of stripping solid, stranded and Romex® wire with its new self-adjusting wire stripper/ cutter, ideal for use on panels and other applications where different types and sizes of wires are installed together. The tool’s innovative stripping head adjusts to strip 4.0mm2 - 0.50mm2 solid wire, 2.5mm2 - 0.34mm2 stranded wire and 12/2 and 14/2 Romex wire, so one tool can do it all without any manual adjustment required. The stripper/cutter has an adjustable stopper to control the length of the core strip, and a tensioning thumb wheel for the precise stripping of smaller gauge wire. The stylish black and blue handles have grooved grips for added comfort, and a wire cutter is conveniently tucked away in the handle so there’s no need to swap tools when cutting is required. XX from Klein Tools said: “Installers don’t want to waste time diving into their toolbox for different hand tools if there’s one tool that can do it all. As well as getting the job done quicker – because every tool needed

Challenge: I need to put a hook and a Super Beam torch on the end of my rod, how can I do this? Solution: The claw is a double-headed accessory enabling you to use two attachments at the same time! For more information please visit www.kleintools.co.uk

is already in your hand – our self-adjusting wire stripper/cutter allows installers to carry around fewer tools, making their tool bag a lot lighter.”

Designed and manufactured at Super Rod’s production facility in South Wales, the Mega Set’s cable rods are made from Adoxim 5®, a super strong material designed to increase flexibility and reduce splintering. As well as electrical applications, the selfThis means that the Mega Set is built to last, adjusting wire stripper/cutter is also perfect and installers can forget about unscheduled for HVAC applications, as installers can strip downtime caused by fibreglass splinters the outer jacket from the thermostat wire and broken rods. The cable rods are and all of the associated individual wires mechanically crimped so they are built to within, using the same tool. withstand rigorous daily use, and can carry loads of up to 250kg.


As the nights start getting longer and colder, Super Rod is encouraging installers to knock off 30 minutes early every day (guilt-free) by using its best-selling, timesaving Mega Set – the industry’s original and most comprehensive cable routing kit. The Mega Set features 16 rods in four different strengths and 15 attachments, including five free glow accessories which were added to the Mega Set in 2016 to mark the kit’s 10th anniversary. Research shows that using the Mega Set cable routing tools can save installers 3 hours a week, allowing them to finish half an hour early a day without being any less productive.

Please visit www.super-rod.co.uk for more information.

Date: 2nd & 3rd November 2017 Venue: Sandown Racecourse, Portsmouth Road, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9AJ Stand No: C45

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