E-SPLOST Informational Flyer

Additional facility condition improvements and upgrades to the following: • Restrooms. • Building code requirements, including ADA accessibility. • Athletic fields ...
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BUILDING OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE: What You Need to Know About the E-SPLOST Vote on May 24, 2016

What is E-SPLOST?    

E-SPLOST is an Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax that has been approved by DeKalb County voters and has been continuously since its inception in 1997. It is a one penny sales tax funded by everyone buying goods in the county, regardless of where they live. A significant funding source for capital improvements (e.g. new construction, facility improvements, technology upgrades, etc.) which can ONLY be used for educational purposes. The current tax (E-SPLOST) will expire on June 30, 2017, unless it is continued by the voters of DeKalb County on May 24, 2016

What is included in the 2017-2022 E-SPLOST Program? 1. Safety and Security Improvements ($15 million)   

Enhancing surveillance systems (cameras, etc.) Enhancing fire alarms systems and fire sprinkler installation Installation of perimeter fencing and security vestibules

2. New Facilities and Additions ($230 million)  

School capacity additions New and/or replacement schools (due to aged facilities, overcrowding, and/or expanded programs' needs)

3. Facility Condition Improvements ($100 million) 

    

Replacement of aged building systems (Capital Renewal Program): o Roofing o Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) o Electrical, Plumbing, Kitchen Additional facility condition improvements and upgrades to the following: Restrooms Building code requirements, including ADA accessibility Athletic fields and play spaces Parking lots and other paved surface

4. Technology enhancements ($65 million) 

 

Technology that supports and/or enhances instruction that may include: o Digital communication technology o Enhanced school security solutions o Wireless technology o Technology hardware, software, and related infrastructure o Enterprise content management solutions Data storage systems, telecommunication systems, digital records retention Replacement and/or enhancement of technology/systems in support of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) upgrade

5. School buses, vehicles and other capital equipment ($40 million)       

School buses and support vehicles School furniture Band equipment Kitchen equipment Waste compactors Portable classrooms/modular buildings Custodial equipment and grounds equipment

Process and Selection Criteria:    

Results from the Secondary School Feasibility and Planning Study (Summer 2016 completion), capacity data, forecast enrollment data, and school priority survey results will guide proposed project funding. Facility assessment data will also guide the list of facilities that require facility improvements or that may require replacement Systems-level (e.g., HVAC, band instruments, buses, etc.) needs assessments will guide proposed project funding Two new elementary schools to relieve overcrowding within the Cross Keys Cluster

2017 – 2022 E-SPLOST Program Budget Allocations Projects (Referendum Focus Areas) 1. Safety and Security Improvements

$ Millions $ 15

2. New Facilities and Additions

$ 230

3. Facility Condition Improvements

$ 100

4. Technology Improvements, including ERP

$ 65

5. Buses, Vehicles, and Other Capital Equipment

$ 40

* Management and Contingency

$ 50 Total: $ 500

* Includes funds for program management and a contingency provision for any unforeseen events or circumstances

For additional information, please visit our website at: http://www.dekalbschools.ga.org/e-splost 1701 Mountain Industrial Blvd | Stone Mountain GA 30083