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Mar 15, 2018 - incredible achievement - fingers crossed for the all expenses paid trip to Copenhagen which will be announced at an awards ceremony next week at the Holiday Inn Victoria in Sheffield. The BiG Challenge is an enterprise competition open to all Secondary Schools and Colleges in Sheffield. Each team has ...
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A MESSAGE FROM THE HEADTEACHER I am glad to be contacting you all again, not because of a snow day closure, but to introduce our latest edition of Ecco magazine. Thank you for your patience and understanding regarding closing the school on those treacherous and snowy days. To close, is the last thing that I want to do as I wholeheartedly believe that being at school, attending every day and being able to access all the lessons, activities and opportunities that we offer, can only enhance achievement and secure the positive personal development outcomes that we all strive for. My first term as Headteacher has brought me many proud moments as I have witnessed students growing up into adults, showing their resilience and contributing to the community and our school in many diverse and fantastic ways. This magazine is full of the amazing things they have done so I will say no more, except to say that they are part of the reason that this school is a positive, caring and enjoyable place to be in. I would ask that you continue to support our school in its journey to achieve the highest of standards, values and culture that will positively affect everyone. My focus has been on improving the learning climate in lessons and around the school social areas so that every student can access the very best opportunities available to them. I have made it clear that respectful, tolerant and caring qualities are required at all times within our interactions. When this does not happen, clear choices and guidance are offered by our staff n a supportive way, which gives the opportunity for students to return to positive behaviours and continue to access the learning they deserve.

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I understand that this increased focus on culture and behaviours is not always easy for our students to grasp straight off and we will go through some difficult times together. I will not lessen this focus and I will not let you down as I know that alongside achieving their academic potentials your main focus is that your young people progress through this school in a happy, secure and supportive environment where they leave us as confident, independent and respectful young adults who have core values, morals and ethics that they can be rightly proud of. I encourage you to continue to contact the school or myself whenever you need and I hope we are continually meeting your expectations in terms of the pastoral and academic care that we deliver. I am continuing to focus on driving up standards in all our processes and our journey is showing an ever upwards direction of travel. The school staff are working extremely hard to continually focus on this priority and I know that you would like to join me in publically thanking them for everything they do, every minute of every day and for the ‘above and beyond’ that they so outwardly show towards our students and community. Thank you Ecco staff and students. Gail Stonier Headteacher

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Once again staff dusted off their antlers and donned their garish jumpers all in the name of charity! This year’s good cause was something very close to Ms Brennan’s heart. Below is a copy of her plea to the staff and students of the school.

Lewis Parker is our Higher Education Engagement Assistant, and since the end of last year has been working with Ecclesfield students to increase their knowledge of Higher Education, making them aware of the routes available to them as well as the advantages of further study. So far, particular highlights have included taking a group of Y10s to a University of She