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A MESSAGE FROM THE HEADTEACHER I am glad to be contacting you all again, not because of a snow day closure, but to introduce our latest edition of Ecco magazine. Thank you for your patience and understanding regarding closing the school on those treacherous and snowy days. To close, is the last thing that I want to do as I wholeheartedly believe that being at school, attending every day and being able to access all the lessons, activities and opportunities that we offer, can only enhance achievement and secure the positive personal development outcomes that we all strive for. My first term as Headteacher has brought me many proud moments as I have witnessed students growing up into adults, showing their resilience and contributing to the community and our school in many diverse and fantastic ways. This magazine is full of the amazing things they have done so I will say no more, except to say that they are part of the reason that this school is a positive, caring and enjoyable place to be in. I would ask that you continue to support our school in its journey to achieve the highest of standards, values and culture that will positively affect everyone. My focus has been on improving the learning climate in lessons and around the school social areas so that every student can access the very best opportunities available to them. I have made it clear that respectful, tolerant and caring qualities are required at all times within our interactions. When this does not happen, clear choices and guidance are offered by our staff n a supportive way, which gives the opportunity for students to return to positive behaviours and continue to access the learning they deserve.

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I understand that this increased focus on culture and behaviours is not always easy for our students to grasp straight off and we will go through some difficult times together. I will not lessen this focus and I will not let you down as I know that alongside achieving their academic potentials your main focus is that your young people progress through this school in a happy, secure and supportive environment where they leave us as confident, independent and respectful young adults who have core values, morals and ethics that they can be rightly proud of. I encourage you to continue to contact the school or myself whenever you need and I hope we are continually meeting your expectations in terms of the pastoral and academic care that we deliver. I am continuing to focus on driving up standards in all our processes and our journey is showing an ever upwards direction of travel. The school staff are working extremely hard to continually focus on this priority and I know that you would like to join me in publically thanking them for everything they do, every minute of every day and for the ‘above and beyond’ that they so outwardly show towards our students and community. Thank you Ecco staff and students. Gail Stonier Headteacher

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Once again staff dusted off their antlers and donned their garish jumpers all in the name of charity! This year’s good cause was something very close to Ms Brennan’s heart. Below is a copy of her plea to the staff and students of the school.

Lewis Parker is our Higher Education Engagement Assistant, and since the end of last year has been working with Ecclesfield students to increase their knowledge of Higher Education, making them aware of the routes available to them as well as the advantages of further study. So far, particular highlights have included taking a group of Y10s to a University of Sheffield taster day, and organising two days of Y9 participation on the HeppSY+ Mobile Classroom (pictured), where pupils engaged in sessions led by student ambassadors such as creating their own university societies and learning why HE could be right for them. Plenty more exciting opportunities are planned for the remainder of the school year – in the meantime. Any students who want to know more about higher education can find Lewis in Careers room W209.

Staff dressed up in their festive gear and made a donation for the honour of looking ridiculous and students were asked to donate books to the good cause after the Christmas break, and donate they did – we managed to fill three huge boxes of donated books and some of them contained lovely, heartfelt messages from our students to those in Lebanon. We also managed to raise over £280 from staff donations. Once again, the community of Ecclesfield rallied together to make a difference to those in need. Well done to all who were involved and we’ll keep you posted with updates from this tremendous cause.

Mr R Walkden, Deputy Headteacher

Y8 PRINCES TRUST MOSAIC MENTORING PROGRAMME A group of Y8 students have embarked on a new Princes Trust Mosaic Mentoring Program. Ecclesfield has been paired with the Fire Service, who will meet with students over the coming academic year. Mentors will meet students 7 times to help develop critical thinking, organisation and employability skills. Students will also be visiting a fire station as part of the program, to see how the skills they have discussed are used in the work place. We are really thankful for the Fire Service mentors who have volunteered their time to help and are sure that the students will learn a lot from taking part in the program.

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Miss S Melody, Head of Churchill House



Churchill’s House Captains identified charity as being a key area of focus for this academic year and they started to plan how they could make a difference to the lives of your people with long term illness via our nominated House charity ‘Make -a-Wish’. It all started with an opportunity being seized at the Christmas Fayre when the House Captains made and sold Christmas decorations, entice people to try and land a ping pong ball in a jar and even challenged students and parents to try and balance 20p on the top of a lemon (it sounds easier than it was). A real star of the show was Mr Firth’s Mentor Group, CJF, who wrote to several local businesses and asked for donations for a raffle. The student leaders and CJF sold over £250 worth of tickets which was mind blowing. Some of the great prizes were football tickets, paintballing vouchers and chocolates. Another good deed done by Churchill House. Well done, Team Churchill #WACAW

Commitment is never in short supply down in the MFL department. On a Tuesday after school, our top Y10 linguists have been giving up their own time to attend workshops to improve their speaking skills. They have been working together with students from our local colleges as well as the University of Sheffield to develop the fluency and spontaneity that they will need in the new MFL GCSEs. They have combined this with a weekly, high level grammar focus to ensure that they are fully prepared for anything that the exams can throw at them. Speaking is considered by both staff and students to be the most difficult and nerve-wracking MFL skill, so we are especially proud of our pupils who are taking every opportunity to face it head on. Well done to all involved and keep up the hard work!

Miss S Melody, Head of Churchill House

Miss B Taylor, Lead Teacher of MFL

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Y10 Photography students work with a professional photographer with the help of "closing the gap" grant.


Professional photographer Gavin Joynt spent a day working with our Y10 photography students on an Architecture themed workshop. Students explored various photography techniques and experimented with a new app Hypstermatic to improve their photography skills. Exploring the school building they managed to capture Ecclesfield in a completely new light and all produced images to be excited about. Students are now expanding the knowledge the gained on the experience to produce a project linked to the artist introduced during the session with Gavin.

Not literally, but in the form of a story written by the amazing author Ross Welford. On the 8th of February 2018 the whole of Year 7 gathered excitedly in the hall to hear Ross read from his latest book and discuss the trials and tribulations that being 1000-year-old boy would bring. His vivid imagination, accompanied by some impressive magic tricks, fired students to create their own story and enthused them to read his books which resulted in a book buying and signing frenzy.

The experience was a positive one for all and some even indicated that they may wish to study photography when they leave school.

A 1000-year-old boy is the latest title from the ‘Ecco Shared Shelf ‘reading initiative and is available to borrow from the school library.

"I think I would do photography when I leave school, it was great working with a professional because we were given professional feedback about our work." Shannon "It was really special to work with a photographer" Sally "I learnt how to use techniques such as different angles like looking up and Hypstermatic to improve my photos" Callie "It was really good, we were able to get more professional photos" Amara "I want to do photography when I leave school" Jay

J Lindley, Teacher of Photography and Art

Mrs R Bird , Librarian and Literacy Manager

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MONKEY BAY FUND Over the past three years Rowling House has supported the Monkeybay Fund in Milawi as our House charity. The students have raised a fantastic £3453 over that time through non-uniform days, bake sales and selling handmade jewellery and toys. Unfortunately, the Monkeybay Fund charity has now closed, and we would like to thank the people behind the charity for all their inspirational work over the years, and for kindly naming the nursery school that was built using money we raised after Rowling House. We are now in the process of choosing a new house charity. We’ve had a few suggestions and will be putting it to the students of Rowling house to vote for the winner. Watch this space.

GCSE Photography students get more out of a visit than they expected.. Y10 and Y11 students studying GCSE photography had the opportunity to visit Longley 6th form college and work with the art department on some of their portrait photography course work. It was a huge success and I feel the students who took part should be commended on their manners and behavior they were a credit to Ecclesfield School and I was extremely proud to be there with them. The photography students were taught by the media and photography teachers and also given guidance by some of our own passed Ecco students who started studying at the college in 2017 and are now studying A-level art at the college. Everyone produced a finished outcome that will be used towards the CW and some of the students walked away with a little more. Jay Danforth secured a work placement with Tim the photographer lecturer who is keen for Jay to demonstrate some of his Photoshop skills which he has gained from his lessons with Miss Lindley. The visit also gave students such as Jonathon Johnson the initiative to take a further look at the possibilities of what Longley could offer him in the future. Sally overcome some huge barriers and not only came along but looked as though she fully enjoyed every minute and produced a lovely outcome that will contribute towards her coursework, she even mentioned that shed quite like to go there when she finishes school. "It was a great day and I have left with lots of ideas for my projects" Y11

Mr R Morton, Head of Rowling

Miss J Lindley, Teacher of Photography and Art

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2 of our BiG challenge teams did amazingly A ‘magical’ event- Harry Potter Night 2018! The annual, and much awaited, Harry Potter Night well making it to the last 16 in the competition from 232 teams across the city in the was a resounding success. Big challenge 2018. Super Sweet Cone (Lauren Muggles transformed seamlessly into Wizards to Cooper, Alethea Smith) and DIY Deco (Maddie participate in a spellbinding evening of quizzes, Cooke, Isabelle Smith, Alisha Soni, Holly games, crafting and cake munching. Competition Littlewood) presented their businesses to a panel between the houses was fierce, wands and voices of judges last week (7th March). were raised as the tension mounted but in the end it was Slytherin who accumulated hundreds of From this DIY Deco have been awarded a prize in house points to become the worthy winners of the BiG Challenge 2018 competition !!! This is an incredible achievement - fingers crossed for the all 2018. expenses paid trip to Copenhagen which will be announced at an awards ceremony next week at the Holiday Inn Victoria in Sheffield. The BiG Challenge is an enterprise competition open to all Secondary Schools and Colleges in Sheffield. Each team has the opportunity to design and grow a business from a £25 start up loan over two school term.

Mrs R Bird , Librarian and Literacy Manager

Mrs B Hughes, Teacher of Business Studies

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ANOTHER GREAT SUPERJAM TEA PARTY SUCCESS! Ecco Volunteers again reached out into the community in February to host their second SuperJam Tea Party. The party was organised with the help of Home Instead Care and generous donations from Morrisons supermarket and SuperJam. We had another great turn out with over 50 guests coming along for a chat and to make new friends over a cuppa, a sandwich and some entertainment.

Guests were treated to VIP service by student volunteers serving drinks and food; whilst the school band play a fantastic medely of songs! As at the first event in November, Ecclesfield Parish Archive were on hand to take us on a trip down memory lane with a presentation of times gone by.

CTL SEALS – Y10 VISIT Y10 Engineering students were able to see how their classroom work linked to the real world in March, by visiting CTL Seals Engineering. As part of our ongoing partnership with CTL, students were all taken on a tour of the site to see various engineering skills in the work place and on a grand scale! They followed a piece of steel on its journey through all stages of development and witness the cradle to grave process first hand. CTL will also be complementing the visit, by producing a video of the cradle to grave process for reference back in the classroom One of the highlights of the trip was to see the beginnings of the first steam train being built in the UK for over 50 years, which is being produced in part by CTL Seal. For more info about the 21st century steam train project please visit

The next Tea Party will be held on Tuesday the 8 th of May, with a minimum contribution of £3 per person. If you or someone you know would like to Our thanks go to all staff at CTL Seals for enabling attend, please contact Sean Hollingworth on 0114 the students to visit their site. 2409583 to have names put on the waiting list. If your company would like to work with us, please contact Sean Hollingworth on 0114 2409583.

Mr Hollingworth, Business and Community Manger Mr Hollingworth, Business and Community Manger Visit us online at:

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SCHOOL PRODUCTION On the 14th, 15th and 16th March 2018, 170 of our students took part in three sell out shows of ‘We Will Rock You’. The students were exceptional and a credit to the school as Lady Mabel Hall was transformed into a sea of glow sticks and rock music. Around 1300 members of our community witnessed this fantastic event. Well done to all involved.

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Thank you for all your support. We have lots more in coming up in the near future. Visit us online at:

Y10 BUSINESS MENTORING February saw the start of a brand new initiative to help equip our Y10 students with the skills and attributes needed to succeed in life beyond Ecclesfield. Working in partnership with the Sheffield Enterprise Advisor Network, we have created a program of business mentoring, to help raise the aspirations of our students. We have successfully recruited a team of mentors from the business world who have volunteered to mentor a small group of students. We have representatives from a wide variety of companies and different industries including Keir, The Home Office and private company directors.

VOLUNTEER IT YOURSELF A group of Y10 students have volunteered to take part in a new volunteering programme called Volunteer It Yourself, which aims to help our community, teach new DIY skills and give an insight into working in a trade industry. VIY combines volunteering and DIY by challenging young people aged 14-24 to learn trade and building skills, on the job, by helping to renovate and repair community buildings.

Participants are mentored by professional tradespeople, who also volunteer their time, and can gain vocational skills accreditations as well as access Mentors will work with students in small groups over to further training, work placement and six sessions, during the coming academic year. A apprenticeship progression opportunities beyond VIY. range of structured activities has been provided, which will help develop the skills, characteristics, The students are working with Chapeltown qualities and attitudes required for the transition Community Forum and tradesmen from Wickes, who from secondary education into apprenticeships, are also providing materials, to help revive the ‘Old Mans Hut’ on the roundabout in Chapeltown. employment with training, or further education. Keep your eyes out to see the results of their hard Linking students with inspirational role models in this work! way, has been proven to boost confidence, selfefficacy, and long term employability; which is why Mr Hollingworth, Business and Community Manger we would sincerely grateful to the mentors for volunteering to help our students. Y11 UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD


April sees the return of the annual University of Sheffield Achievement Awards ceremony at the Octagon Centre, in partnership with SHU and Llyods Bank. In order to qualify for the University of Sheffield Achievement Award, students must achieve the following 4 goals over the course of Year 10 and Year 11: 1. Achieve an Attendance rate of 95% or higher 2. Achieve a Punctuality rate of 95% or higher 3. Take part in a work experience placement (if this is an option), gain work experience through friends or family, have a part time job, volunteer in the community, or take part in a regular sports or activity club. 4. Attend a Post-16 open day or evening e.g. at a sixth form or college. This year we have 183 students who have achieved all four goals, which is testament to their commitment during their GCSE’s. Well done to all students who have achieved the award!!

Mr Hollingworth, Business and Community Manger

Mr Hollingworth, Business and Community Manger

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The ever expanding extra curricular offer continues at Ecclesfield. The latest new additions this term are Y7 & 8 Girls Futsal Club on Monday after school with SWFC’s Community Programme and Dancing, after school on Fridays in Gym 2. All you need to get involved is turn up – we open the door all you need to do is walk through! For up to date news and information about all the exciting clubs you can get involved in at lunch or after school follow @ecco_zone on twitter, or check out the news section of the school website.

The Chapeltown Forum and Chapeltown in Bloom are two community groups formed with the aim of bringing our community together, improving our local area to make Chapeltown a better place to live!

Mr Hollingworth, Business and Community Manger

Y11 STUDENT’S - SAY YES TO NCS!! Over 80 Y11’s have already signed up to the National Citizen Service (NCS) programme next summer. If you’re in Y11 and haven’t yet signed up – why not!?!? By taking part you will be given a boost to kick start your post school future with a 4 week summer adventure you’ll never forget! You will take part in an week enjoying activities such as kayaking, climbing, caving; a week living on your own learning new skills employers value such as teamwork, leadership and communication. Finally, over the last 2 weeks you will create and deliver a social action project – giving you the power to help change your community.

Working with schools and other local community groups they work hard to put on events in the community including the Chapeltown Christmas Fayre and Chapeltown Village Show. They are also instrumental in trying to improve the appearance of Chapeltown including, landscaping and opening the Memorial Garden next to the Newton Hall to the community, organising community clean ups and installing planters in the town centre which are full of flowers, making the area look much better for it. Both groups have a small group of dedicated volunteers who help with all projects and events, but they need more to help continue their hard work. Each volunteer only gives the amount of time they can manage, with no pressure to do more. If you:   

Have an hour to spare? Like to make new friends? What to help improve your community.

We would love to hear from you! Please contact Sean Hollingworth on 0114 2409583 for more details.

If you sign up before May 2018, it will only cost £35 (normally £50) - this includes all tuition, accomodation, transport and food - worth well over £1500! If you’re in Y11 and not signed up yet, grab your application form from student services; speak to the NCS reps in the canteen on Tuesday lunch times or call them direct on 0114 324 0737. What are you waiting for!

Mr Hollingworth, Business and Community Manger

For more information about the work of the Chapeltown Forum or In Bloom visit or

Mr Hollingworth, Business and Community Manger

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A tough season for injuries but the boys reached the last 16 of the ESFA Elite Cup and face McAuley in a repeat of last year’s South Yorkshire Cup semi final this month.

The Year 8 team have had a fantastic season so far. The girls are growing in confidence and understanding tactics and rules much better. We have had a few fixtures cancelled recently but the pictures below show their fixture against All Saints and King Ecgberts, where they won both their games. I am proud of all the girls and how they are working as a team. Once again ladies, well done for your commitment as a team to represent the school.

Y8 GIRLS INDOOR CRICKET The girls romped to success winning the Sheffield title but came up short in the South Yorkshire Final only winning one of 3 matches.

TABLE TENNIS An excellent night at Birley saw our KS4 team do exceptionally well: Won 23 lost 12 Our KS3 team had a good night but Won 15 & lost 23. A great night was had by all!

KS4 HANDBALL In February our Y11 Handball team had their first fixture against Hinde House. Our Y11’s have recently been covering Handball in their GCSE PE lessons and the fixture was a good opportunity to FEBRUARY HALF TERM REVISION put their skills into practice and test themselves against a tough opposition. After a fiercely contested match Ecclesfield were able to come out Our Y11 Pupils have now completed their DofE Bronze & Silver cycle. Those pupils that have top winning 16-14. Well Done! completed and submitted their assessor reports have received their bronze / silver certificate and badges. If your child has yet to receive their certificate then they need to log onto edofe at and submit their assessor reports and ensure each section is completed online. As our Y11 pupils enter the exam season the sooner that this completed the better!

FEBRUARY HALF TERM REVISION There was a fantastic turn out at our February Half Term Revision days. Nearly all the cohort managed to attend one of the day’s sessions. The revision consisted of workshops in the morning, where students could focus on topic areas which were a weakness for them. In the afternoon students took part in a Walking Talking Mock to develop exam technique.

We have also now selected our Y10 DofE cohort. Congratulations to those pupils that have been selected, there were over 60 applications. Well done to everyone who applied, Mr Howarth & Mr Thompson spent a lot of time reading and rereading applications to make a decision. The next couple of months will see our Y10 pupils preparing for their expeditions by learning camp craft, how to use cooking stoves and plenty of map reading!

Well done to all those students who attended. The PE department will be organising Saturday revision sessions in the run up to the exam. Please look out for more information after Easter. Visit us online at:



League U15 netball team have had a great season this The Y11 boys football team have had a really year, winning all but one of their fixtures. strong season in the league and are currently sitting top of the table with 3 matches left to play. U15- B League Fixtures include Meadowhead (Away) 15TH March, Team Ecco Opponents Win/ Handsworth (Away) 19th March and Forge Valley score score Lose (Away) 22nd March. All Saints 11 V 0 win Clegg Shield Birley 15 V 2 win The boys have successfully made it through to the still to Clegg Shield semi-final which is due to be held at Westfield play V Tapton (date TBC). We are currently waiting to see King Egberts 7 V 13 lose who we will face with Bradfield and All Saints due Newfield 21 V 6 win to play their quarter final fixture in the coming Outwood 14 V 4 win week. Should the team make it through to the final, Bramhall Lane has been confirmed as the The girls have a good chance of promotion to the venue for this year’s Clegg Shield Final (date TBC). A league next year In the Sheffield tournament the girls came 5th, only narrowing missing out on the semi finals. They have worked extremely hard this session to work on improving their game and have been a pleasure to take to fixtures. Thanks for a great season girls.

U14 NETBALL The U14 netball team have a solid season in the A league. There has been some very close games and results, which has seen them winning many and narrowly losing in some games. They have some fixtures left to play and are contenting for a top 4 finish. They still have their tournament to look forward to on the 19th of March where they hope to settle the score on teams they lost to earlier in the year. What a great set of girls!

KS3 HANDBALL Since the previous newsletter our KS3 handball team has had significant successes. They have competed in the Sheffield handball finals going through the entire tournament without losing a single match and wining the overall competition. After winning the Sheffield competition the team have been asked to go and represent the city in the county finals on the 20th March 2018 at the EIS, we are hoping for more success in this after the strong group performance we showed in the previous competition.

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The Y7 A football team have had a great start to their time at Ecclesfield school, going unbeaten in all their matches so far in the league and then reaching the quarter finals of the Sheffield and South Yorkshire cup, whilst also making it into the last 128 teams of the National cup. Looking forward we have 5 fixtures left in the league before hopefully reaching the playoffs. Throughout all their matches the team have shown an abundance of passion and determination to play and give their all for Ecclesfield school and their team mates, I as the manager couldn’t ask for any more from them and it has been a pleasure to have coached them so far.

Girls football has yet again been a successful season. The u12s have shown enthusiasm and commitment to the sport training every week to improve their skills and develop as a team. The u14s have reached the city finals, all the best to this team, good luck!

Y7 NETBALL The Y7 Netball team have nearly completed the season, showing improvement throughout the season. They recently went to Meadowhead School to play in a tournament and achieved some good results. Special mention to the captain Ava Wild for really shining this season and leading the team along with her team mates. Great representation of Ecclesfield School.

LEADERSHIP Leadership in PE is growing at Ecclesfield. 18 students are now involved. Thank you to all those enthusiastic students so far we have had positive feedback from Archers. They have been busy involved in sports hall athletics, basketball, handball and cross country this term. An exciting opportunity is coming up for a handful of students who are becoming young competition organisers.

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WORLD ECCO BOOK DAY Despite the snow causing disruption to our original World Book Day plans, we persevered and on Friday the 9th of March we held the first Ecco Book Day. Amongst other competitions and book based activities taking place across the school, we again encouraged staff to dress up as their favourite book characters – congratulations to Mr Biggane in the Maths department who won the individual dress-up prize and to the MFL department for their fantastic team effort! We carried on the tradition of reading ‘The Ecco Story’ with pupils getting an instalment of a story based here in Ecclesfield school in each of their five periods throughout the day. This year the mystery was based on the disappearance of various Ecclesfield students. One curious pupil was keen to get to the bottom of the mystery, only to discover that the evil Mr Smithard had been trialling a new method of behaviour management which involved students continuously repeating the school rules as though they were performing for an audience. Just like last year, there was a brilliant buzz around school all day, and most importantly, it got us all talking about books! A massive thank you to our wonderful librarian for all of her hard work and for everyone who got involved throughout the day – we hope to continue this fabulous tradition for years to come.

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Teen Triple P Seminar: Raising Competent Teenagers Takes the guesswork out of parenting teens…

Parents are given specific ideas on: • Developing self-discipline. • Establishing good routines. • Getting involved in school activities. • Being a good problem solver. • Following school rules. • Having supportive friends.

DATE: Monday 2nd July 2018 TIME: 5:30 – 7:30pm VENUE: Lady Mabel Hall at Ecclesfield School PRESENTER: Liz Hill

Light refreshments available

BOOKINGS AND INFORMATION This event is also open to parents or carers of children who attend other schools Any questions or would like to book places please contact Pauline Birkwood by:

Email [email protected]

Or call Ecclesfield Secondary School on 0114 246 1156

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Forthcoming Events School closes at 3pm on Thursday 29th March School re-opens on Monday 16th April Thursday 26th April — Y7 Parents’ Evening Monday 25th June to Friday 29th June — Y10 Work Experience Monday 25th June—Y6 Induction Day and Evening Thursday 28th June — Activities Day Monday 2nd July—Teen Triple P Seminar: Raising Competent Teenagers Thursday 5th July — Y11 Prom 13th July — Summer Concert 17th to 18th July — Y11 Production

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