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a print management system, and then some. In a higher-education ... web-based print queue that allows users to print remotely from hand-held devices like ...
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• Products Utilized: PAPERCUT MF • Features: Find Me Printing, Secure Card Authentication, Web Print, Custom


Reports, BYOD Printing, Advanced

Simmons College needed a solution to control the liberal use of printing by students. Their library commonly had recycle bins overflowing with reams of wasted paper while their printers and MFP’s were overloaded with stacks and stacks of unclaimed printed documents. The continued production of wasted and unclaimed output precipitated the need for a dedicated employee to simply replenish paper and toner supplies. Simmons College needed a low-cost, feature-rich centralized software solution that was easy for their students to use.

Charging, Web Tools, User Payments, Custom Integration, Rules Based Printing.

•  Third-Party Integration: CardSmith One Card

• Over 4,000 active student users •  47 Toshiba MFP’s 48 Lexmark MFPs

HOW DID PAPERCUT MF HELP? Simmons College knew they had a problem; the evidence was everywhere. Overflowing recycle bins and reams of uncollected prints and copies all over campus. Their paper and toner costs were sky rocketing and replenishing these consumables was becoming a full time job for their staff. But why? Why were their students simply printing or copying and leaving it there to waste? Answer: zero accountability.

EDUCATION CASE STUDY PaperCut MF to the rescue! After a flawless installation and deployment, the university started utilizing the fine-grain reporting contained in PaperCut MF to understand the printing and copying behavior of their users. Students were printing everything single-sided, why? because they could. A print it and forget about it mentality was taking over. “I’ll go pick it up if I need it”, or “I’ll print it now and pick it up later, maybe” was the overriding feeling around campus. The university was about to turn the tables. Armed with PaperCut MF’s reports, the university determined that a $50 per semester per student print/copy quota would start to change the habits of its users. After the $50 was used up the students would be responsible for all charges. PaperCut MF has empowered the university to implement different pricing tiers and allow for discounts to be given for grayscale and duplexed printing/ copying. To keep track of everything, students are required to authenticate at the copiers and printers with their student ID before releasing their document. This secure form of authentication eliminates the waste of supplies and misuse of equipment while creating a secure printing and copying environment. Students are now able to manage their own accounts online via paperCut MF’s User Web Tools. This web-based, dashboard allows the students to see what they have printed, keep track of their quota and add money to their account when needed. CardSmith One Card integration gives students the ease of managing funds for printing and copying via one source. And the use of environmental reporting and widgets lets the users know just how much they are reducing their environmental footprint. But the university wasn’t done just yet. To handle the rise in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) printing, the university has implemented PaperCut MF’s Web Print functionality. A powerful, global web-based print queue that allows users to print remotely from hand-held devices like tablets, laptops and phones without any involvement from the IT staff. The roaming, print-on-demand feature, Find Me Printing now allows the users to release their print jobs at the most convenient location as opposed to just in the library.

THE RESULTS Over 600,000 unreleased pages per year. What do you think that has done for their consumable costs, environmental impact and their bottom line? Library staff freed to perform more job-specific duties like servicing student needs. No need to hire extra personnel to manage the software and no extra burden on their IT staff. Oh, and complete ROI in less than one year.<