Efficient and Cost Effective Hardware Installation By Experts

Our team of professional technicians has extensive knowledge and the ... Data center design or reconfiguration ... Installation of software products or data.
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Lenovo Services: Hardware Installation

Efficient and Cost Effective Hardware Installation By Experts Our team of professional technicians has extensive knowledge and the experience to help ensure the installation of your hardware is successful. We seamlessly manage the physical installation of your

Key Benefits

server, storage, or networking hardware so you can quickly benefit from your investment. We work with

Accelerate time to value – by having Lenovo services get you up and running quickly with minimal disruption

you to schedule a time that is convenient and walk you through a per-installation checklist to ensure

Reduce cost and risk in deploying new technology - by having Lenovo experts install your new hardware following best practices Improve operational efficiency – by leveraging Lenovo services, your IT staff can focus on more important strategic projects and activities

proper planning and execution of the installation. Once our technicians are on-site, they will unpack and inspect the systems, install servers, verify system operations, and dispose of packaging, allowing your team to focus on other priorities. It is the most efficient way to quickly get your investment working for you, with minimal disruption from your staff. Any Lenovo server, storage, or networking devices are eligible for Lenovo Hardware Installation Services. Customized installation services are also available to meet your specific needs.

Lenovo Services: Hardware Installation

Installation Process

Lenovo® Service Portfolio Lenovo™ offers a comprehensive portfolio of services that support the full lifecycle of your Lenovo IT assets. At every stage of planning, fullfillment, deployment, support, optimization and end of life we offer the expertise and services you need to more accurately budget for IT expenses, deliver better service-level agreements, and generate greater enduser satisfaction. Let Lenovo Services’ unique offerings and expertise help you get the most out of your technology investment.

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With your help, the technician will arrive well prepared and complete the task with minimal disruption to you and your staff. We ask that you fill out our preinstallation checklist and email this to our project management office. Our project manager will contact you ahead of time to review the checklist and ensure all information is accurate. The pre-install checklist will serve as your guide to ensure you’ve completed all hardware preparations and the hardware can be installed with ease. In preparation for the installation, you’ll need to perform the following steps:

You can rely on our technical experts to provide end-to-end installation, which includes the following: • Initial removal of the product from packaging, including inspection for damage • Installation of Lenovo devices into the rack • Assembly of third party rack optional • Update the firmware and BIOS to the latest version, if needed

• If necessary, backup all data you need to migrate to the new hardware

• Thoroughly tested to ensure full operation. Your new hardware will be ready for your software installation.

• Ensure the new hardware is available onsite

• Installation of operating system (optional)

• Provide proper power connection, network connection, racks, cables, and any other necessary parts

• Consolidating of all packaging materials and disposal within your site

• Designate a representative who is available and able to assist the technician with access, approvals, IP addresses, and so on

• Provide documentation and a report of the hardware successfully installed

• Provide a safe workspace and appropriate a