Efficient process control

or both, SpectroBAY® will increase the plant performance. Application ... Development of application solutions for your measuring tasks. • Model based ...
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Efficient process control

SpectroBAY® – Process NIR spectrometer system Operating chemical processing plants at their technical and economic optimum not only requires precise, but also real-time information of the composition of materials being processed. Near infra-red (NIR) spectroscopy is the method of choice for simultaneous measurement of the composition of multi-component mixtures. NIR enables accurate end-point determination in chemical reactions as well as control of separation and drying processes. NIR is the basis of real-time process control. It is increasing yields and thereby reducing laboratory effort. SpectroBAY® process NIR spectrometer system is ideally suited for integration into a process control concept, like controlling distillation columns or optimising the operation of continuous and batch production units. The whole integration process is covered, from pre-study over engineering to inspection and maintenance. Specialists are available to create the chemical model and specify the system in order to cut laboratory cost and speed up the production unit.


Performance booster Online-monitoring with SpectroBAY enables online-control in a wide variety of applications. Whether the yield, the quality of your product or both, SpectroBAY® will increase the plant performance. ®

Application examples: • Moisture in solids and liquids • Chemical composition of polymers, solutions, solids and powder • Reaction tracking, equilibrium or end-point determination • Batch distillation monitoring with advanced reflux control to improve batch times and energy efficiency Full spectrum support Full support from the initial inquiry through to fine tuning of the complete system in the production unit. The range of services:

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Calibration based on chemical model (chemometrics)

• Feasibility study • Complete SpectroBAY® system with NIR spectrometer, processor, control unit, software, fiber optics and application specific probes • Start-up and support in the process • Development of application solutions for your measuring tasks • Model based calibration (chemometrics) • Inspection and maintenance – on site as well as remote • Worldwide support Highlights and benefits:

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• Application specific measuring probes, transmission and reflection, insertion, flow-through and non-contact • Virtually all materials available, incl. tantalum lined • Eliminating sample preparation – cutting costs and increasing occupational safety • No waste – no disposal • Cabinet can be located in control room or analyser shelter • Probes and fiber optics qualified for hazardous areas • Rapid and accurate determination of concentrations • Key to advanced process control and debottlenecking

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Robust in-line process measuring cells, e.g. tantalum-lined