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Visit our website to register for your training course(s) or subscribe for ... Another option is to create your own blended learning ... the debate on new own resources for the EU; ..... and when they work best for financing infrastructure projects.
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European Institute of Public Administration Institut européen d’administration publique

EIPA’s Training Courses Catalogue

The European Commission supports EIPA through the European Union budget.


Our training courses 8 Tailor-made request 9 EU Governance 10 EU Institutional Functioning Internal Civil Service Law 10 Budget 11 The EU and its Challenges 11

EU in Action Decision-Making (2-day course) 12 Decision-Making (4-day course) 12 Decision-Making (in German) 13 Negotiations 13 Presidency Challenges 14

EU Law for Member States EU Law Implementation (4-day course) 15 EU Law Implementation (10-day course) 15 EU Law for Non-Lawyers 16 European Court of Justice: Case Law 16 European Court of Justice: Litigation 17 Infringement Procedure 17 EFTA: Enforcement Actions 18 European Arrest Warrant 18 Master of European Legal Studies 19

EU Policies: Rules and Practice 20 Internal Market Public Procurement 20 Public Procurement, PPP and Concessions 21 Public Procurement: Case Law 21 Public Procurement (in Spanish) 22 Complex Procurements 22 State Aid 23 Economic Local and Regional Development 23



Internal Market Financial Services Law: Banking 24 Environmental Law 24 Data Protection 25 EU Funds Dos and Dont’s 26 EU Renewable Energy Projects 26

European Structural and Investment Funds ESF Implementation 27 European Territorial Cooperation 27 Implementing the Regulations 28 Good Practice and Ensuring Results 28 Simplification 29 Financial Management and Control 29 Cost-Benefit Analysis 30 Cost-Benefit Analysis Advanced 30 Evaluation and Monitoring 31

Audit Internal, External and Performance Auditing Anti-Fraud and Audit of European Social Fund Performance Auditing by the European Court of Auditors

32 32 33

External Relations Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism 34 Trade Policy 34 Twinning 35 Asylum and Migration 35 Asylum and Migration Law 36

European Public Management 37


Improvement Tools Assessments (CAF) 37 Impact Evaluation: Counterfactual 38 Project Management 38


Innovation in the Public Sector Public Sector Innovation Lab 39 Public Sector Performance 39 Leadership and Governance (Multilevel) 40 Digital Transformation Skills 40

Human Resource Management Integrity in Public Administration 41 Knowledge Management 41

E-Learning modules 42 The Council of the EU and the European Council 42 EU Leadership Architecture 42 EU Courts 43 EU Ordinary Legislative Procedure 43 EU Legal System: Introduction 44 EU Infringement Procedure 44 Public-Private Partnerships 45 Project Cycle Management 45

Practical Information 46


Your European Training Institute Our training courses are designed to meet the specific needs and interests of professionals. Through seminars, e-learning and tailor-made courses you will deepen your knowledge of the European Union and its decision-making processes and policies. With over 35 years of experience, we are the main provider of training services for the EU and its Member States. Since 2002 we have been awarded four successive contracts to deliver training for the EU institutions, bodies and agencies.

At EIPA you benefit directly from long-standing expertise and know-how! Visit our website to register for your training course(s) or subscribe for our mailing:

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Find your course Our high-quality training courses range from short seminars to several days of training. They take place in our headquarters in Maastricht, in our vibrant training centres in Luxembourg or Barcelona, or at your institute or organisation. Do you want to study at your own p