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Jun 24, 2014 - Big Ideas in #elmused Chat tonight at 8pm CST. Topic. What's in the Blender? Big Ideas in Elementary Music Education #elmused. Questions.
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#elmused  Chat   June  24,  2014     Live  Feed:  http://www.gcisd-­‐k12.org/Page/33238   TweetChat:  http://tweetchat.com/   Storify:  https://storify.com/     Tweet   What's  in  the  Blender?  Big  Ideas  in  #elmused  Chat  tonight  at  8pm  CST     Topic   What’s  in  the  Blender?  Big  Ideas  in  Elementary  Music  Education  #elmused     Questions   Q1  –  What  big  ideas  from  Kodály  do  you  use  in  your  classroom?  Share  an  example!  #kodaly  #musiced       Organization  of  American  Kodaly  Educators  http://www.oake.org/       Q2  –  What  big  ideas  from  Orff-­‐Schulwerk  do  you  use  in  your  classroom?  Share  an  example!  #orff   #musiced     American  Orff-­‐Schulwerk  Association  http://aosa.org/       Q3  –  What  big  ideas  from  Dalcroze  do  you  use  in  your  classroom?  Share  an  example!  #dalcroze   @dalcroze  #musiced     Dalcroze  Society  of  America  http://www.dalcrozeusa.org/       Q4  –  What  big  ideas  from  John  Feierabend  do  you  use  in  your  classroom?  Share  an  example!   @feierabendmusic  #musiced     Feierabend  Association  for  Music  Education  http://www.feierabendmusic.org/       Q5  –  What  big  ideas  from  another  method  do  you  use  in  your  classroom?  Share  an  example!   @suzukimusic  @schoolofrockUSA  #worldmusic     Suzuki  Association  of  the  Americas  https://suzukiassociation.org/   School  of  Rock  (for  profit  after  school  program)  http://www.schoolofrock.com/       Q6  –  What  other  big  ideas  drive  your  practice  as  an  elementary  music  educator?  #musiced