Emergency Shelter - NFI Cluster Road Convoy Standard Operating ...

STEPS. 1. Partners/SFPs request LC to plan a convoy. 2. LC sends a call out to partners in their email list to join a convoy. 3. State Focal Points (SFPs) check ...
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Emergency Shelter - NFI Cluster Road Convoy Standard Operating Procedures

Updated: January 2017 NOTE: The Logistics Cluster (LC) has a general instruction sheet for joining a road convoy, which can be found on their website. This document outlines specific instructions for the ES/NFI Cluster partners in order to correctly fit the Cluster’s internal structure and systems.

STEPS 1. Partners/SFPs request LC to plan a convoy 2. LC sends a call out to partners in their email list to join a convoy 3. State Focal Points (SFPs) check with the Coordinators and Pipeline to discuss the feasibility of participating in the convoy (e.g. timing, capacity), as well as the estimated needs 4. Cluster Coordinators approve to proceed 5. SFPs reply to LC to confirm participation in the convoy with best estimate of sizes/weights, CC’ing Pipeline Team 6. 5+ days in advance of convoy departure*: SFPs submit pipeline request to S/NFI Pipeline group email address, and alert the pipeline that they have already confirmed convoy participation (#3); if applicable, also include special instructions that may affect the way the truck is loaded 7. Cluster Coordinators endorse request 8. The Pipeline Manager will calculate the number of trucks* and request for clearance (requires 3-5 working days) with the LC 9. The Pipeline and LC work out the remaining logistics details to prepare items in the convoy 10. SFPs should communicate -- to the LC -- which agency/staff is in charge for receiving the items at the final destination, including the meeting point *For the Pipeline to secure a spot in the convoy for your items: 1. Partners must submit accurate numbers 5+ days before the convoy departure 2. Pipeline calculates the number/size of trucks based on the amounts, weights and sizes of the pipeline request 3. Pipeline sets up trucks and driver contracts with specific people and vehicles 4. Pipeline submits the licenses and names of trucks and drivers in order to obtain clearance (takes 3-5 working days)

DETAILED PIPELINE RESPONSIBILITIES Within the process above, the Pipeline will take care of: • Calculating the number of trucks • Booking trucks • Requesting and obtaining security clearances (to last at least one month); see details above • Correspondence with the LC (except #s 1 and 5 above) • Coordinating the onloading of materials into the trucks • Provide status updates through their transporter to LC during the convoy Republic of South Sudan