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What about youth? While the definition for youth varies, in a Canadian context, youth are generally regarded as being between the ages of 16–24, however this range can begin as low as .... facts about HIV/AIDS and what young people know. At the age of 22, ...... Use (IDU) have a higher risk of contracting. Hep C. The term ...
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Youth, Arts and Activism An HIV/AIDS Arts Activism Manual for Youth by Youth

PARTNERS Youth Action Network (YAN) is dedicated to helping youth become more informed and actively involved in order to move towards a just and sustainable society. We strongly believe in the ability of youth to affect change in the world. We understand the need for a stronger voice and for greater participation in our local and global communities. The main functions of YAN are to provide information and promote action. YAN is a national non-profit youth organization based in Toronto.

Gendering Adolescent AIDS Prevention (GAAP) brings together youth, community based service providers, policy makers, students and researchers in Canada and South Africa on projects that use participatory approaches to working with young people in relation to sexuality, HIV prevention and AIDS awareness. Our overall goal is the creation of innovative, gender-sensitive HIV education programs that work for youth. GAAP is located at New College, University of Toronto. For more more info, check out www.utgaap.org.

Centre for Urban Health Initiatives (CUHI)

Through research and partnership building, the Centre for Urban Health Initiatives (CUHI) is helping to create a better understanding of the impact of physical and social environments on the health of urban residents. Located at the University of Toronto, CUHI fosters research development, collaboration and knowledge exchange between individuals committed to urban health, including academic and community researchers, community service providers, policy makers, and health practitioners. Founded in 2004, and funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Institute of Population and Public Health, CUHI supports scholarship in relevant and emerging areas of urban health, focusing to date on neighbourhoods, food security & urban agriculture, physical environments, youth sexual health, chronic disease prevention & management, environmental health justice and policy pathways for improved & equitable health & health care. The Centre brings together researchers from different disciplines, provides training and mentoring for research in urban health relationships, creates opportunities for knowledge exchange, and builds partnerships between researchers, policy-makers and communities.

Need more HIV and/or Hep C information and resources? Contact CATIE toll free at 1-800-263-1638 or online at www.catie.ca. This publication has been printed with assistance from CATIE, 2009. To order a free copy, contact CATIE (CATIE Ordering Centre Catalogue Number ATI-26158). To find out how to get involved with Empower visit us at www.empoweryouth.info or email [email protected]


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