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The data contained in this pocketbook is drawn from several sources: from the European Commission's ... Part 2. Main energy indicators, at EU and Member States levels. Part 3. Socio-economic .... 27. 1.3.2. Renewable Energy Shares.
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Statistical pocketbook 2015


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Introduction The energy sector is one of the pillars of growth, competitiveness and development for modern economies. To keep up with the ongoing transformation of the energy sector in Europe, we need data that is accurate and up-to-date. This publication provides an overview of the most relevant annual energyrelated statistics for the European Union as a whole and for each of its Member States. The data contained in this pocketbook is drawn from several sources: from the European Commission’s services; from international organisations such as the European Environment Agency and the International Energy Agency and also from the European Commission’s estimates when other data is unavailable. The publication is divided into five parts: Part 1. Energy overview at global and EU levels. Part 2. Main energy indicators, at EU and Member States levels. Part 3. Socio-economic indicators in the EU. Part 4. Impact of the energy sector on the environment. Part 5. Country profiles – Main energy indicators. Indicators have been calculated using the methodology established by the European Commission – DG Energy. The appendices include a glossary and methodological notes. This publication was produced using the most recently available data. Corrections and updates will be published at: Recommended sources of data: European Commission websites:

DG Energy Pocketbook: Country statistics: Energy statistics data: Eurostat Eurostat Database: DG Economic and Financial Affairs AMECO: DG Climate Action Climate strategies, targets and progress reports: Websites of other organisations: European Environment Agency Data and maps: International Energy Agency Statistics and balances: Please send your comments on this publication and suggestions for improvement to [email protected], with the word ‘Pocketbook’ in the subject line. 1

Statistical pocketbook 2015

Summary PART 1 Overview 1.1



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