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Promote energy conservation and efficiency. • Develop all forms of energy, but recognize oil and natural gas still required for decades. • Renewable energy still ...
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Energy Security = National Security

An Introduction to Vets4Energy

Speaker: Rear Admiral Don Loren, USN (ret.) Vets4Energy National Liaison Host: Capt. James McCormick, USA (ret.) Vets4Energy Program Director

What is Vets4Energy?

• Non-partisan group of volunteer veterans across all 50 states • Advocate for sound energy policies to sustain our national security • Believe Energy Security = National Security

How Energy Security Increases National Security

Energy, Economy, Diplomacy and National Security are Inextricably Linked • Protects America’s global energy leadership as world leader in oil and gas • Strengthens U.S. economy • Reduces reliance on undemocratic nations • Secures our allies • Increases military strength

Energy Policy Considerations

• Energy is a global necessity and commodity • Promote energy conservation and efficiency • Develop all forms of energy, but recognize oil and natural gas still required for decades • Renewable energy still maturing, and expensive for mass deployment • Economic and national security tantamount • Protect environment and climate

Vets4Energy Engagement

• Vets4Energy State Chairpersons • Partner with Veteran Service Organizations (VSO’s) at state and national levels • Advocate for sound energy policies o Veteran education o Meetings and correspondence with elected officials (local, state, federal) • Promote careers for veterans

Veterans and Careers in Energy

• Veterans ideally suited for careers in the oil and natural gas industry • “Great Crew Change”: the oil and natural gas industry could see up to 50 percent of its technical workforce retire in the next decade • Long-term vision for veteran careers

Veterans Energy Pipeline

• Website to assist veterans to transition to careers in oil and natural gas industry • Translates military skills to civilian skills in oil and natural gas industry • Wide variety of skills and careers available in industry

What Can Veterans Do To Help? • Send a Letter to your Members of Congress to ask for Sound Energy Policies o o

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October 18: Renewable Fuel Standard and National Security November 15: How Natural Gas Benefits Energy and National security December 13: The Importance of America’s Energy Infrastructure

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