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Can Man X-PRESS Information Bulletin 2 / 2012


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Welding Bodymakers Machine Controls with IPC




PowerCURE™ - Induction Curing Shorter than ever



ith its original design PowerCURE™ saves up to 80% of space compared to a conventional gas oven. The curing system is much shorter because (only) the seam area is heated up immediately (!) by induced current and as only that small area is heated up, the cooling track can also be much shorter. After several small improvements such as the integration of a fume extraction, optimizations for tropical conditions and so on, PowerCURE™ comes with a big advancement which saves again 50% of space by using the track twice. Especially for lacquer - applications the heating should not be as aggressive as it can be with powder and a rest period may also be required for certain lacquers.

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Industrial PC

Sensors, Valves, …

The vertical turn round of the canbodies ensures a stable position from seam to coil over the different levels and keeps the energy consumption at the same low level as known for Can Man curing systems. But the obvious savings of space are not the only advantages; the workflow is also improved, because the cured canbodies come back to the operator, who's usually standing near to the powder or lacquer application devices during set up. He can now just pick up the can bodies after the curing without the need of walking to the end or even "around" the curing unit.

User Interface

ow latest technology can change products and processes is impressively shown by our PowerCURE™ induction curing system. Again more easy, flexible and favourable become now also our welding bodymakers by latest machine controls with advanced software solutions that also reduce the need of hardware components. Usability, diagnostic and maintenance are improved by the use of an IPC (industrial-PC) that combines conventional PLC-, NC/CNC-control and operator unit. The open and compatible hardware has the same advantages as a conventional PC such as: huge storage, support of PC-interfaces or multi-core processors. The available computing power can serve multi-PLC controls and additional operations such as measurings. With the centralised accomplishment and loose coupling of soft- and hardware the system is easy to upgrade and repair. The advanced software is turning almost every compatible IPC into a real-time computer that ensures a defined performance. Because of a deeply integration in the system, the software keeps functionality active even in case of an operating system-crash. Speaking of operation system; the startand stop procedure happens automatically, just power must be switched on/off. In case of power failure the integrated uninterrupted power supply ensures a save and correct close down of active processes. Open standards allow the data connection with other programs such as Microsoft™ Office for wide-ranging analyses. The user-friendly operator interface is deviceindependent and as a consequence always accessible.


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X1 - Belt Tensioner

René Furer - Service Engineer


or early X1 high-speed welding bodymakers is an upgrade available that prevents the motor shaft from damages caused by excessive tensioning of the timing belts. The new design uses a flexible mounted tension roller for the separate adjustment of the drive belt. Once adjusted, no further settings are required and a potential source of troubles is eliminated for ever. The upgrade is of interest for all welders up to serial no. 305.


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